Bloody Ruzalik from Complex 29 gang to be tried for contract killings

Bloody Ruzalik from Complex 29 gang to be tried for contract killings
Ruzal Asadullin was both the hirer and the executor of murders at different times

The leader of Complex 29 crime group Ruzal Asadullin, who has already been sentenced to 24 and a half years in Tatarstan for OCG organization, murder, and illegal possession of weapons, is to be tried again. His case will be considered in the Supreme Court of Tatarstan.

As reported by the Prosecutor's General Office, this time there are some «killer» accusations against the 47-year-old Ruzal Asadullin. Ruzalik is accused of premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances, committed by prior conspiracy of a group of persons, murder of two or more persons committed by prior conspiracy or by an organized group, from mercenary prompting or by order, coupled with robbery, extortion or banditry, according to the indictment approved by prosecutors.

According to investigation, in 1993 Ruzalik and other OCG member shot dead another member of the gang by order of one of its leaders; in August 1999, Asadullin and another member of Complex 29 killed a representative of Yelabuga gang Aydaronovskie, also for hire. In 2001 in Moscow, Ruzalik ordered a hit on two killers sent by a leader of Complex 29 to kill him.

As reported in September by the CrimeRussia, the criminal case against one of the Complex 29 leaders Ruzal Asadullin was returned to the Prosecutor's Office in connection with the violations in the indictment preparation.

Let us recall that in addition to Naberezhnye Chelny (homeland of the majority of its members), the Complex 29 gang used to operate outside Tatarstan.

There are a series of bloody crimes in its account; the majority of its leaders and members had long been given prison terms and are serving their sentences. At first, Ruzal Asadullin had managed to hide, in connection with which he was declared wanted. In April 2012 he was detained in Kiev, and three years later he was sentenced to 24.5 years of imprisonment. He is currently in a colony.

After the investigation learned about new episodes of the crimes committed by Asadullin and his sidekicks, Ruzalik concluded a plea agreement with the investigation.



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