Basmach's case returned to court 

Basmach's case returned to court
Aleksandr Matusov

On account of the bloody leader of the Shchelkovo's gang there is a number of merchants' killings in the 90s.

The Moscow City Court a year later held a preliminary hearing of the criminal case against the leader of Shchyolkovskaya OCG Aleksandr Matusov aka Basmach.

He is accused of committing crimes under part 2 of Article 15, paragraph 2 of Article 17.1, items (d), (h) of Article 102 of the RSFSR Criminal Code, Part 2 of Article 17.1, item (h) of Article 102 of the

Russian SFSR Criminal Code, item (h), part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (Deliberate Murder). On account of the bloody leader of the Shchyolkovskaya gang there is a number of merchants' killings in the 90s.

Recall, the court will examine the details of the carnage that occurred on November 17, 1996. According to investigators, on this day in one of the restaurants in the Sverdlovsky village of Shchyolkovo District, Moscow Region, there met four members of a rival gang of Basmach - Aksenov, Kashirsky, Parkhomenko and Zarubin. When Matusov and Pavel Bondartskov (Boldaris) learned about this, they brought together the gang and began to wait for them at the entrance of the restaurant. Parkhomenko was killed firstly, then Kashirsky. Aksenov and Zarubin were able to survive despite a gunfight and car chases. After the incident, Zarubin was

guarded, but he flatly refused to call the names of the attackers. Aksenov was taken in the intensive care unit of a local hospital, where a few days later he was shot by Shchyolkovskaya OCG.

The crime was cleaned only in 2011. The Moscow Regional jury found all the defendants guilty of three murders, attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons. Bondartskov received 19 years in prison of strict regime, Rozhnev - 15 years in prison. The other members the courtappointed of 7 to 14 years in prison. Then this decision was appealed by the Supreme Court. Due to the limitation period of the sentence it was mitigated: Boldaris - 15 years, Rozhnev - up to 14 years (of it would hold in the colony of 21 years, as it has been previously convicted in the case Kingeseppskiy OPG), another Shchyolkovskaya members - to 9-10 years.

Матусов в аэропорту

Basmach himself was hiding in Thailand for many years. In 2010 he was declared an international arrest warrant and the summer of 2014 the police arrested him by chance, when a drunken man in shorts riding a moped and violated traffic rules. Then it was found out that it was person from the wanted list - Aleksandr Matusov. July 3, 2014 was sent to Moscow.


According to the Interior Ministry, Matusov organised Shchyolkovskaya gang in the early 1990s. Prior to that, Basmach was a member of Izmaylovo criminal group, and then decided to create his own gang. The gang tried to take control of a number of commercial structures in Shchyolkovo district. People of Basmach chose not to negotiate with competitors, but simply to eliminate them. Soon Basmach's gang became known in the criminal world as one of the most violent, and its leader began to receive orders on businessmen or authorities.

The Moscow Region Court received the criminal case against the leader of Shchyolkovskaya gang Aleksandr Matusov in July 2015. However, after some days it was returned to the Prosecutor's Office in connection with the violations, committed by the investigation. The supervisor had with Themis procedural disputes. All this time Basmach was in custody and demanded a release from prison.

After the preliminary hearing, the court postponed the case to September 2, 2016.



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