Bashkiria: coach of military-patriotic club creates robbing gang out of pupils

Bashkiria: coach of military-patriotic club creates robbing gang out of pupils

The gangsters robbed lonely men whom their 17-year-old female partner in crime had enticed to secluded areas.

Criminal case against a gang comprised of pupils of a military-patriotic club has been transferred to court in Bashkiria. The pupils headed by their coach robbed lonely men, reports the media office of the regional office of investigations of the office of investigations. Their 17-year-old female partner in crime will face the court, as well. The young woman had enticed victims to secluded areas.

The investigation theory is that in June, 2018, 30 year-old coach of a Kamertau-based military-patriotic club offered his 4 students to rob people. The young men agreed. One of them invited his then-16-year-old acquaintance to the gang.

The criminal found their victims online on behalf of the young woman and arranged the meetings. The woman enticed victims to secluded areas where other members of the gang attacked them with bats and pepper spray canisters. They threatened with knives and faked guns. They took away money and valuables from victims. They stole cars of two of their victims. One of the cars was thrown into a ditch.

The criminals from the military-patriotic club committed 3 attacks during summer, 2018. The damage is estimated at 290 thousand rubles ($4.5 thousand).

Later, all members of the gang were detained. They are accused of robbery committed by a group of persons by previous concert, as well as with the use of weapons or objects used as weapons (item 2 of article 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).



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