Basayev's gang member charged with assault on Budyonnovsk

Basayev's gang member charged with assault on Budyonnovsk

The defendant was detained 23 years after the attack.

Khazvakhi Cherkhigov, a militant from Shamil Basayev’s group, who participated in the attack on Budyonnovsk 23 years ago, was charged. The investigation collected “irrefutable evidence” of the defendant’s guilt, the ICR’s press service reports. 

Cherkhigov was accused of banditry (part 2 of Article 209 CCRF), terrorism (part 3 of Article 205 CCRF), premeditated murder of civilians and policemen Article 102 CCRSFSR), taking hostages (part 2 of Article 126.CCRSFSR). The investigation continues. Cherkhigov’s involvement in other crimes not related to the given criminal case is being established. 

Basayev’s gang of about 200 militants attacked Budyonnovsk, the Stavropol Region, on June 14, 1995. They occupied the hospital building and took more than 1,500 hostages. The gang members demanded to end the war in Chechnya. The security forces unsuccessfully tried to take the hospital by storm, but the conflict was resolved by negotiations with the head of the Russian government, Viktor Chernomyrdin. The gang let the hostages go and went to Chechnya on the transport provided for them. As a result of the tragedy, 147 people died and more than 400 were injured. 

A criminal case was initiated against Basayev, he was put on the federal wanted list. After that, the militant still fought against Russia in the second Chechen campaign. In 2004, a prize of 300 million rubles ($ 4,5 million) was promised for information about Basayev, who was considered “terrorist No. 1.” The militant was blown up with his subordinates in a truck in July 2006. 

In June 2018, a member of Basayev’s group and a participant in the attack on Budyonnovsk, Badruddi Daudov was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Cherkhigov was detained by the FSB officers on November 19, 2018 in Moscow, after which the offender was taken to the ICR’s Main Investigation Directorate for the North Caucasus Federal District, and the court sent the militant into custody.



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