Bailiffs are searching for property of members of the Tsapok’s organized crime group to pay damages to the victims 

Bailiffs are searching for property of members of the Tsapok’s organized crime group to pay damages to the victims

A murder case in the Kuschevskaya Cossack village has not been closed yet.

Bailiffs are searching for Sergei Tsapok’s and his accomplices’ property to pay the remaining damages to their victims. It has been more than 5 years since the terrible crimes committed by the Tsapok’s criminal group, however, a compensation to all the victims of the bandits has not been paid yet. Bailiffs continue to search for the property of members of the Kushchevskaya gang, the money has been written off from Andrey Bykov’s current account, cars and land of other criminal participants has been arrested, but the available funds are not sufficient to drive the nail to the head in this case.

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Meanwhile, it is known that in 2008, Sergey Tsapok established the Yug Agrotekhnika LLC, which he titled in his civil wife’s name, Angela-Maria Tsapok. Later during the interrogation, he said that Angela-Maria was unemployed, but kept two of his children. However, investigators believe that the transaction for the transfer of the company to Angela-Maria Tsapok is fictitious. Sergey Tsapok and after this transfer continued to manage the Yug Agrotekhnika company, which means the property was withdrawn illegally. Later, Angela-Maria sold the company to third parties for obviously understated price, about 10 million rubles. And this is despite the fact that on the company's accounts there were then more than 60 million rubles, and, moreover, the company owns transport and agricultural lands.

Bailiffs have filed a lawsuit to invalidate the contract of sale of the Yug Agrotekhnika. On May 19th of this year, a preliminary hearing was held in the Leningrad District Court of the Krasnodar Region. However, the victims of the bandits did not come to the hearing. Many of them are still afraid of the consequences of their own lawsuit, others say that the day before the planned departure some lawyers have visited them. They said that the case of the Yug Agrotekhnika is losing battle and offered to find and seize other property belonging to Tsapok for 30% of the potential amount of compensation, but to forget about the agricultural company. Due to the interference with victims, the bailiffs have made an application for participation of the representatives of the local Prosecutor's Office in the process. Lawyers of the Yug Agrotekhnika LLC, in response, applied for to the termination of proceedings. Сергей Цапок.jpgThey stated that the claims for compensation from the deceased person is wrongful, all the statutes of limitation are already missed and bailiffs are deliberately bankrupting the company. Meanwhile, only property restrictions were imposed on the company, it continues to conduct its business, to use the land and equipment.

The Court, after hearing both parties, found it possible to continue the examination of the case on its merits, but the date of the next hearing is not known yet. If the transaction is invalidated, all the victims will finally receive their compensation.

It is to be recalled that on November 4th, 2010, in the Kuschevskaya Cossack village of the Krasnodar Region Server Ametov’s family was murdered. 12 people, including 4 children were killed. The Regional Court in 2013 found the leader of the local organized crime group Sergei Tsapok and his accomplices Vladimir Alekseev, known by a nickname Bespredel ('Lawlessness'), Igor Chernykh nicknamed Amur ('Cupid'), Vladimir Tsepovyaz, Vladimir Zaporozhets, Andrey Bykov, Vyacheslav Ryabtsev, Sergey Karpenko, Vitaly Ivanov and others guilty of this and other terrible crimes. All of them received long and life sentences, some died in prison. Tsapok’s gang kept residents of several settlements of the Krasnodar Territory at bay for many years. Until now, the issue of compensation to the victims is not resolved.    



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