Back to Neverovskie: murder attempt on Tolyatti entrepreneur solved after 10 years

Back to Neverovskie: murder attempt on Tolyatti entrepreneur solved after 10 years
Neverovskie and Villi Tokarev

Leader of Neverovskie’s power unit, who had concluded a plea agreement, has revealed information enough to open twelve criminal cases against other organized crime group (OCG) members. The court has taken this into account and sentenced him to 17.5 years.

An investigation in the case of Maksim Veselov, involved in the attempted assassination on Tolyatti businessman Andrey Khudyshev, has been completed. The Avtozavodsky District Court of Tolyatti has started considering the case of another crime committed by members of Neverovskie OCG.

The case’s main defendant Maksim Veselov is accused of complicity in Attempted Murder committed by a group of persons by prior agreement by hire (part 5 of Art. 33, part 3 of Art. 30 and items (f, g, and h), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code).

The crime had been considered unsolved for over 10 years until the leader of Neverovskie OCG’s power unit Sergey Ageev, known as Akim, testified. Based on his testimony, twelve criminal cases has already been filed, some of the defendants of which have been sentenced or are awaiting trial in custody, and some are wanted.

In 2000s, Sergey Neverov’s people attacked Khudyshev, the co-owner of Arlan-Lada Metallotsentr LLC, twice. In 2005, the latter was stabbed in the ribs, and in March 2006, the businessman’s car was shot near his home. He and his driver received multiple gunshot wounds; both were hospitalized and survived after a long-term treatment.

Initially, investigation leant towards the lead that the assassination attempt on the businessman was associated with the supply of rolled metal to AVTOVAZ, 70% of which accounted for Arlan. In addition, another co-owner of the company, the former FSB employee Arkady Bolshakov had been feuding with a local ethnic organized crime group, which also served as a lead for the investigation. However, the attempt was solved only 10 years later, when the detainee Akim gave a detailed testimony in this case as well as a number of high-profile assassinations of the past years.

According to Ageev’s (Akim) testimony, he was the one firing from a machine gun on Khudyshev and his driver in March 2006. Apart from him and Veselov, other Neverovskie’s militants took part in the assassination, namely Aleksey Skripnichenko and Aleksandr Bogdanov.

Veselov was responsible for transmission of information about Khudyshev’s leaving his house and getting in the car.

Following the example of his boss, Veselov has also concluded a plea agreement with investigation; thus, his case will be heard according to special procedure without summons for the witness and examination of material evidence.

As noted by TLTgorod news agency, Veselov is not facing a long prison time due to repentance and guilty plea.

Ageev’s accomplices Dmitry Levin and Aleksey Shkaev had been previously convicted on similar terms, being sentenced to 10 years of strict regime. Ageev himself has been sentenced to 17.5 years in prison.

The leader of Neverovskie OCG Sergey Neverov and the director of Alladin LLC Vladimir Omanadze, who had participated in the shooting of operative Dmitry Kruchinkin, have been declared wanted. Another alleged participant in the murder, the CEO of Avtogradtrans Sergey Ozhegov has been arrested and is awaiting trial. Two more OCG members, Aleksandr Bogdanov and Aleksey Skripnichenko, are also awaiting trial.

Participants in the murder of businessman Sadchikov, Aleksandr Samusenko and Nikolay Samylyaev, perpetrators of attacks on entrepreneurs Aleksandr Petrovsky, Oleg Zaguzov and Farit Ziatdinov, OCG members Dmitry Levin, Aleksey Shkaev and Ruslan Kuzikov, have already been convicted on Ageev’s testimony.

Three members of the murderous OCG, namely the Neverovskie killers Sergey Petrov and Aleksandr Pershin, as well as armorer Yury Tyrlyshkin, have managed to escape criminal punishment due to death – they were killed in clashes with members of other criminal groups from 2005 to 2013.



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