Azerbaijani crime group leader arrested for shooting coaches in Yamal

Azerbaijani crime group leader arrested for shooting coaches in Yamal
At the scene

Garash Akhundov wasn’t acting alone. Police are looking for his partners in crime.

Nadym city court has placed Garash Akhundov in detention for up to 2 months; he is a suspect of murder of a native resident of Lenkoransky district of of the Azerbaijani SSR. According to the local media, he is a leader of an organized crime group that has been dealing with extortion since 2000s, holding the whole district in awe.

The CrimeRussia had earlier reported that the murder had taken place during the shooting on December 1. Akshin Gasanov was shot dead. Yalchyn and Mays Mamedov, local freestyle wrestling coaches, were injured.

Yalchyn told the media that Akhundov’s gang made an appointment with him, due to the fact that he refused to pay tributes to the bandits. However, there was no conversation - Akhundov and his entourage, in Yalchyn’s words, opened fire out of hand. He specified that those who were shooting were the Akhundov brothers - Jamil and Garash, as well as their bodyguards. There were 4 attackers in total.

Nadym police investigator managed - on ‘hot scents’ - to detain one of the attackers - Garash Akhundov. The Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District reported that he was accused of murder and attempted assassination. Another participant - his brother - has been put on a wanted list.



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