Aslan Gagiyev’s right-hand man sentenced to 17 years of strict regime

Aslan Gagiyev’s right-hand man sentenced to 17 years of strict regime
Artur Dzhioyev (Synok)

The investigation and court established that Arhur Dzhioyev (Synok), extradited from Greece, not only conveyed orders for killings to killers, but also participated in them himself. Only a part of the incriminated episodes was included in the case considered.

The Soviet Court of Vladikavkaz sentenced Aslan Gagiyev’s right-hand man Artur Dzhiyoev (Synok) to 17 years of a strict regime on charges of Participation in a criminal community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Murders (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code), Kommersant reports. The verdict is not final since the case includes only a part of the counts Dzhioyev is incriminated of by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the North Caucasus, the permission on which was given by the Greek authorities, who extradited Gagiyev’s henchman to Russia.

Dzhioyev was detained in 2015 in Thessaloniki. In February 2018, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, he was extradited to Russia. Dzhioyev agreed to cooperate with the investigation and gave testimony against Gagiyev, confirming the information the investigators had about the crime lord’s orchestration of dozens of high-profile killings and assassinations.

Dzhioyev has been a member of Gagiyev’s gang since 2004. He acted as a coordinator between Gagiyev and the killers, and also plotted and participated in the killings. In particular, he partook in the murder of Andrey Burlakov, Deputy Director of Financial Leasing Company OJSC, in 2011 in Moscow, investigator of the Northern Investigation Department of the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department of the ICR on transport Alexander Leonov in 2012, and Deputy Prosecutor of the Vladikavkaz Industrial district Oleg Oziyev in 2013.

Furthermore, Dzhioyev personally carried out the abduction and murder of Oleg Novoselsky, Chairman of the Board of the Kutuzovsky Bank. Synok brought the banker to Gagiyev, who offered him to re-register several hectares of land in the Moscow region with his henchmen. When the banker refused, Dzhioyev slew him, and then, together with his accomplices, put the body in a barrel, which was filled with cement and drowned in the Moscow Canal.

According to Kommersant, after Dzhioyev’s extradition, the Greek authorities considered the documents from Russia, which mentioned his involvement in another series of murders, and agreed to bring him to criminal responsibility. Thus, Synok is to face at least one more trial.

It is assumed that the proceedings will begin after Gagiyev himself, who was extradited from Austria in 2018, appears before the court. He is currently studying the materials of his case, which consists of 200 volumes. At the trial of Gagiyev, Synok, whom the leader of the gang personally taught shooting and management skills, will act as a witness for the prosecution.



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