Aslan Gagiev’s way up from Moscow official to owner of largest state-owned company

Aslan Gagiev’s way up from Moscow official to owner of largest state-owned company
Gagiev turned out to be a multi-faceted personality

The leader of a murderous gang made some sensational statements at the extradition hearing in Austria.

The CrimeRussia has obtained a voluminous case file regarding the crimes committed by the gang of cold-blooded killers under Aslan Gagiev (aka Dzhako) that operated in the Russian Federation since 2004. Gagiev’s track record features over 48 criminal incidents related to 63 murders in Moscow, the Moscow region and North Ossetia. High officials, security officials and prominent businessmen were among the victims.

Currently, most of Gagiev’s men are serving long prison terms, unlike their inspirer: Dzhako is now in an extradition ‘agony’ as his homeland is awaiting him with Art. 210 of the Criminal Code that is going to put the murderer behind bars for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, the CrimeRussia got a file that reveals who had been funding Dzhako’s gang from sources close to Gagiev’s case investigation.

By the way, Gagiev turned out to be a multi-faceted personality: being the leader of a criminal gang of murderers, he was at the same time a co-owner of FLK, an aircraft leasing giant. As a precaution, Gagiev used a false name (Sergey Morozov) in the constituent documents. When detained in Austria in January 2015, Gagiev produced a false ID, but as we know, the trick did not help him avoid serious troubles with the law.

As for Gagiev’s career at FLK JSC, he managed to become a co-owner, and with the help of his accomplices pulled a multimillion scam withdrawing huge amounts of money from the company. The source said that FLK was actually under Aslan Gagiev’s control and that he had an accomplice among the company's management, Nail Malyutin. Malyutin and Gagiev conspired to organize money theft from FLK.


FLK was one of the two state-owned leasing companies established to sell Russian aircrafts. The money was supposed to be invested in the construction of Tu-214 aircrafts by Kazan Aircraft Association. However, in seven years FLK signed contracts for only 17 planes. In the summer of 2008, after the FLK controlling stake was passed to the United Aircraft Corporation, an internal investigation established that the FLK leadership had committed a series of questionable transactions. Eventually, in 2009, the MIA Main Investigation Department opened a criminal case on money withdrawal from FLK. After receiving money from Russian and foreign investors, FLK loaned 1.837.000.000 rubles to a company, whose actual location has not been established. The incident was considered a large-scale fraud.

Police detained FLK Deputy CEO Andrey Burlakov and his business partner, Mira Bank Vice Chairman of the board Anna Etkina. Gagiev’s associate Nail Malyutin, who, according to our sources, was the actual mastermind behind the fraudulent scheme, testified against them.

When the criminal case was initiated, both of the accused were taken into custody, but in the summer of 2010, the court agreed to release Etkina on bail of 5 million rubles and Andrey Burlakov was set free for 50 million rubles. On September 29, 2011 there was an attempt to murder Anna Etkina and Andrey Burlakov in Moscow Khutorok restaurant. An unknown man shot them with a Browning gun wounding Burlakov, who later died on the way to Botkin hospital, and delivering jaw and chest wounds to Etkina. The investigation managed to trace the murderer, although after a while. It was one of Gagiev’s gangsters.

Anna Etkina left for Israel where she has been residing ever since. In January 2014 Simonovsky Court of Moscow found her guilty of 3.3-billion-ruble embezzlement from FLK in absentia and sentenced to 8 years in prison. However, according to our sources, Israel refused to pass her to Russia because it was "contrary to the international law and the European Convention on Human Rights."

As for Nail Malyutin and criminal boss Aslan Gagiev, who are behind the FLK fraud, they are both in a Vienna prison now. The issue of Gagiev’s extradition to Russia has been finally resolved, and Malyutin’s fate will be determined by October 20 when the last hearing on his extradition is to be held.


According to the source, Nail Malyutin is closely affiliated both with Aslan Gagiev and with Gennady Petrov, the leader of the Russian mafia abroad, who has recently fled to Russia from Spain where he was involved in a criminal case. The source claims that Malyutin and Petrov have long been close partners.

Besides, the CrimeRussia obtained a copy of the transcript of Aslan Gagiev’s extradition proceedings, where the ‘number one killer’ made some sensational statements.


Throughout the hearing, Gagiev constantly danced around the questions posed by Judge Michael Shpinn trying to impose the version that he is being persecuted for ‘political reasons’ in Russia or because ‘he saved children in Beslan’ or ‘failed to share his income with Russian powerful ones on time.’ Gagiev named some people from the upper echelons of the Russian bureaucratic elite.

Among other things, Gagiev shared some rather curious nuances of his stormy career. Paradoxically, the ‘number one killer’ used to be a ‘Moscow government official’ after he graduated from the Moscow Mining and Construction University, as he said. After his career went sour for some reason, he took up ‘business’.

Gagiev also told the court how he came home to his parents’ house in 2004 and was arrested in a special operation of North Ossetian security officers, who ‘were going to kill him.’ According to the defendant, the FSB wanted him to ‘go missing’, but as almost the whole of North Ossetia stood up for him, their plan failed, and after five days of torture they took him to the Kabardino-Balkar Republic and left him on the road.


Then Gagiev ‘exposed the truth’ to the Austrian Court claiming "all Russian businesses are structured in a way that it is impossible to do anything without bribing the powers that be." Gagiev tried to rationalize his trouble with the law saying he "was late on his bribes". Namely, he stated that he had passed 1,2 million USD to "Bastrykin’s Deputy" monthly, since "each business level is associated with a specific amount of money."

Despite the ‘solid argumentation’, the Vienna court ruled to extradite Aslan Gagiev to Russia, which may be followed by high-profile exposures, arrests and ‘resurrection’ of ‘dead ducks’.

The CrimeRussia is going to publish a series of articles based on Aslan Gagiev’s case file.

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