Aslan Gagiev's gang rolled up Head of Kutuzovsky bank in barrel

Aslan Gagiev's gang rolled up Head of Kutuzovsky bank in barrel
Barrel has lain 10 years at the bottom of the canal

Another bloody crime of the gang Dzhako is found out.

Investigators, processing a case of Aslan Gagiev‘s criminal group, ascertained identity of a man, whose concreted body was found in a barrel on the bottom of the canal in the Moscow region. According to Life, it was the body of Сhairman of board of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselskiy, who had some land disputes with Gagiev. The businessman, concreted waist-deep and placed inside a cylindrical container, was painfully dying in a sunny spot.

The source of Life claimed that members of the criminal group, who participated in the murder of Novoselskiy, acted upon direct order of the boss Aslan Gagiev. So far alive banker was bricked up in a barrel and put it under the sun at the cottage in the suburbs. Banker died a martyr's death. When the man had died, they threw the barrel in the Moscow Canal in the Dmitrovsky district. There it has lain for 10 years.

The murder of Oleg Novoselskiy occurred in 2005. The missing man was sought at the request of relatives, but did not be found. The members of the organized criminal group reported that only Gagiev knew the identity of deceased person.

The organized criminal group, established and headed by a native of Georgia Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), started its activity in the mid-2000s. The group had more than 30 participants and specialized in committing assassinations. The members of the criminal group killed Mayor Vitaly Karaev on November 26, 2008 in Vladikavkaz, and there in March 2008 – the Head of DCOC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Mark Metsaev. In December 2008 criminals killed the Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiev and his driver Vladimir Gasiev.

Members of the group, having already been sentenced to long prison terms, confessed in the court proceedings that they had worked as killers and Aslan Gagiev was pointed as their boss. Gagiev remains beyond the reach of justice - the Russian authorities have not yet reached an agreement with Austrian colleagues about his extradition.



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