Aslan Gagiev’s gang dealt with bankers brutally

Aslan Gagiev’s gang dealt with bankers brutally
One of the most famous Russian mafia bosses at the moment is not available for the law enforcement agencies: Australia has not extradited him to Russia yet.

One of the most famous Russian mafia bosses at the moment is not available for the law enforcement agencies: Australia has not extradited him to Russia yet.

The Central Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the North Caucasian Federal District solved the murder case of the Natsionalny Kapital bank owner Dmitry Plytnik and the Kutuzovsky bank Chairman Oleg Novoselsky, committed more than ten years ago. It turns out that bankers were murdered by the members of the Aslan Gagiev’s organized killers group, who sank their bodies in suburban reservoirs.

The Investigative Committee officers could solve the brutal murder due to the testimonies of the Aslan Gagiev’s (Dzhako) gang members. The gang was operating in the 2000s in North Ossetia and Moscow. The killers already sentenced to long terms, cooperated with the investigation and told it about the details of the crimes. In particular, they told that on the direct orders of the group’s leader they dealt with the Moscow financier. The man's body was found concreted in a barrel in the Moscow Canal, near the village of Golyavino. As reported in the Crime Russia it turned out to be the chairman of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky, who had some land disputes with Gagiev.

The investigators have been working case on the case of disappearance of Oleg Novoselsky from December 2005. The missing man was searched at the request of his relatives, but he was not found. Novoselsky died slowly and painfully. The financier was immured alive in a barrel, the killers left him in the sun on the dacha outside Moscow. When Novoselsky died, the barrel with the body was tossed in the Moscow Canal, where it was found 10 years later.

Kommersant reported, a second murder that could remain unsolved, if it was not for the confessions of the arrested organized criminal group members. According to this testimony, the body of one of the bankers was drowned in December 2004 in a pond near Dubna: the killers tied weight plates to his feet. At the site, which the arrested indicated as the drowning place, there was no body. Ropes that were used to tie the plates probably loosened. In order to solve the crime, the investigators referred to the  criminal cases which were initiated during that period. For example, they found that in December 2004 in Moscow, only one well-known banker, the owner of the Natsionalny Capital Dmitry Plytnik was lost. Also, it was found that in April 2005, the body of an unknown man was thrown ashore near Dubna. The corpse, not being recognized, was buried under the number plate. In this regard, another case on the murder was initiated in the Moscow Region, but it was soon laid down in the table as well. The comparative DNA test confirmed the version of the investigation, the body found near Dubna in 2005 belongs to Dmitry Plytnik.

The killers said that having kidnapped the businessman, they forced him to sign some papers, and then strangled him. It must be said that in none of the cases the killers, who decided to cooperate with the investigation, could remember the names of their victims. The killers even did not know the reasons why the group started a massacre of the bankers. It is known that they have acted on the orders of their leader Aslan Gagiev, known in the criminal world as Jacko.

One of the most high profile crimes in brutal Dzhako's record was the murder of the family of the banker Aleksandr Slesaryov. As the CrimeRussia reported earlier, on the morning of October 16, 2005 on the Kashirskoye highway, a few killers attacked the Mercedes and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, in which there was Slesaryov’s family: his wife Natalya, a 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth, a 7-year-old niece Sophia Mikhaylovskaya, another two relatives and a 80-year-old nun who accompanied the family on a trip to the monastery in the town of Stary Oskol. The killers started a massed intense fire at the vehicles. As a result, Aleksandr Slesaryov and his wife died at the scene, their daughter died in the hospital. The niece, one of the relatives, and the nun were heavily injured. The criminals fled the scene. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, Slesaryov’s murder is connected with the oldest department store named Moscow, which survived a brutal raider attack organized by the members of the Taganka OCG in the 2000s, it was eventually driven to bankruptcy and in fact destroyed.

Only Aslan Gagiev and probably his right hand Arthur Dzhioev know the details of all homicides, the victims’ names and motives of these crimes. Gagiev’s gang has about 60 victims, businessmen, law enforcement officers, gang associates. In addition, the members of Jacko’s gang are now checked for involvement in other ten brutal murders.

Testimonies of Dzhako and his assistant Dzhioev could shed light on these crimes. However, the criminal authority is now unavailable for the Russian law enforcement agencies: Australia has not extradited him to Russia yet. As for Arthur Dzhioev, he was detained in April 2005 in Greece. Negotiations for his extradition to Russia are under way.



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