Aslan Gagiev prepares escape from Austria?

Aslan Gagiev prepares escape from Austria?
Aslan Gagiev

Proceedings against the gang leader resulted in granting him a status of an "absolutely free man" and even returning the bail.

The Vienna Land Court granted the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office for the extradition of the founder of the criminal community Aslan Gagiev (Dzako), who is officially charged with the organization and execution of 60 assassinations of bankers and businessmen. According to some reports, in fact, the gang members were involved in at least 100 murders.

According to Kommersant, it was the third positive decision of the Austrian Court in regards to Gagiev. The previous ones have been canceled due to distrust of the Russian side, which is the guarantor of Gagiev’s rights after his extradition. The reason for the Austrian authorities’ hesitation was a complaint of another criminal previously extradited by Austria: a member of Trunovsky’s group Anatoly Radchenko, known as the Celentano. In Russia, he is accused of involvement in a criminal organization, banditry and murder. Petitions were audited by the General Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Penitentiary Service, who informed Austrian authorities about the results, after which the questions in this case were dropped. Now, Celentano is in prison and familiarizes with the case materials.

Aslan Gagiev, who is wanted in Russia for organizing a criminal community and a series of assassinations, was arrested by the Vienna police in January 2015. However, since then, question of his extradition has been constantly reviewed. Dzako’s lawyers’ appeals are sustained each time, but the Austrian authorities themselves ask the Prosecutor General's Office of additional assurance that in Russia, Gagiev’s prosecution will be carried out in strict accordance with the law and that Austrian diplomats will be able to personally control it.

Also, one more party participated in the case was: the Bulgarian authorities, who are also seeking Gagiev’s extradition for using false documents, which were seized from Dzako during his arrest in Vienna. Later, Bulgaria stopped Gagiev’s persecution, after which he was released on bail of 100 thousand Euro. Subsequent examination of the gang leader’s case led to the fact that he was granted with the status of an "absolutely free man" and even got his bail back.

The recent proceedings once again recognized Russia’s legitimate demands for his extradition. However, Gagiev disagreed with voluntary extradition to Russia, where he faces a life sentence, and his defense filed an appeal. The appeal court is supposed to finally decide on his case before the end of the year. Do not rule out that before the decisive hearing Aslan Gagiev may be taken into custody, because he would prefer to escape from Austria.

According to the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee in the North Caucasian Federal District, on account of Gagiev’s gang that operated in North Ossetia, Moscow and Moscow Region, there are about 60 murders. Among the victims there are the Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Kazbek Pagiev, the Vladikavkaz Mayor Vitaly Karaev, the Head of Department for Organized Crime Control (UBOP) Mark Metsaev, the Chief of criminal investigation department Vitaly Cheldiev and his son Zaurbek, as well as several influential "authorities" of the country. In the capital, the gunmen committed the murders of the former first Deputy CEO of JSC Finansovaya Lizingovaya Kompaniya (Finance Leasing Company), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the shipbuilding group Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov and made an attempt to kill the latter’s companion Anna Atkin. The killers also dealt with the owner of Sodbiznesbank and Credittrust bank Alexander Slesarev and members of his family, the Head of the Bank National Capital Dmitry Plytnik and the Chairman of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky.

The CrimeRussia previously conducted a large-scale investigation into Dzako’s gang. The series of articles about the OCG included the never published materials of the criminal case which disclosed the names of the gang members, its structure, as well as descriptions of crimes imputed against Aslan Gagiev and his mobster-killers. It is to be noted that the members of the gang who have already been sentenced to long prison terms, at the court hearings confessed that they worked as the killers and pointed at Aslan Gagiev as their boss.



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