Aslan Gagiev laundered 2 bln rubles from the federal budget through offshore

Aslan Gagiev laundered 2 bln rubles from the federal budget through offshore
In the period from 2005 to 2009, Aslan Gagiev has carried out several swindles.

Paradoxically, all the frauds were carried out literally under officials’ very noses.

The CrimeRussia continues to disclose details of the 'blood trail' of Aslan Gagiev. The Russian Number-One-Killer organized a large group of professional assassins in 2004, managed to penetrate into the largest state-owned enterprise, and use the company for sponsorship of his gang. Earlier, basing on the materials of the criminal cases, the CrimeRussia managed to find out that Gagiev (better known as Dzako) was owner of shares in Financial Leasing Company (FLC), as well as was a criminal underboss of the company. In the period from 2005 to 2009, under officials’ very noses Aslan Gagiev together with his accomplices carried out several fraudulent scams, the result of which was 13 billion rubles being laundered from FLC company.

As it follows from the documents the CrimeRussia received in December 2007, JSC FLC was suspected of fraud. Suspicions resulted into large-scale audit conducted by experts of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, who confirmed that the leadership and top management of the aircraft leasing company "have itchy fingers." Surprisingly, even after the audit, which revealed clear signs of violation of legislation by JSC FLC, the company continued to operate until its complete bankruptcy.

In this article below, you can find the exclusive documents of the criminal case, initiated on the fact of a large fraud (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) dated back in June 2009 by an investigator of the Moscow General Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to investigators, the management of JSC Finance Leasing Company, which is a part and subsidiary of JSC United Aircraft Corporation, entered into a loan agreement with a fictitious organization LLC IK Ug. The case materials show the agreements were signed on 29.02.2008 in the amount of 206 million rubles, on 17.03.2008 in the amount of 600 million rubles, on 19.03.2008 in the amount of 485 million rubles, on 20.03.2008 in the amount of 80 million rubles and on 10.04.2008 in the amount of 466 million rubles. The total amount of the sum of the contracts is 1 billion 837 million rubles (sic!).

The loan agreements were signed with LLC IK Ug without collateral and guarantee. The term of fulfillment of obligations was expired, yet no money was returned. And it is not a surprise, as that is exactly what the swindlers expected. Aslan Gagiev together with his accomplice - General Director of JSC FLC and owner of the factious organization Nail Malyutin – played the key role in the fraud scheme. When it came time to return the loan, the swindlers in fact brought LLC IK Ug in offshore by registering it on Seychelles. Court decisions on recovery of debts still gathering dust in the archives of court bailiffs, who simply cannot find the ‘ghost’ company.

It is worth noting that the scammers have used the scheme on withdrawal of funds not just once. So, among the contractors of FLC there is Luxembourg company FLC West Holdings S.a.r.l., the beneficiary of which is offshore Erant Financial Inc. Through Erant Financial Inc Gagiev and Malyutin brought about 10 million dollars in offshore. Moreover, the above-mentioned company FLC West Holdings S.a.r.l. was involved in the acquisition of German shipyards in Wismar and Warnemunde, as well as Ukrainian shipbuilding plant Okean (Ocean), which later became a ‘bone of contention’ for the fraudsters. The CrimeRussia to tell about large-scale embezzlement in the shipbuilding sector with direct participation of Russian high-ranking official in further articles about Aslan Gagiev.

Exclusive documents of the criminal case: 




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