The Main Killer of Russia Aslan Gagiev faces new charges

The Main Killer of Russia Aslan Gagiev faces new charges
Aslan Gagiev Photo: The CrimeRussia

The ICR will check the leader of the killers' gang for involvement in killings in 90's.

The Investigative Committee is going to check leader of the gang Aslan Gagiev, who was extradited from Austria to Russia, for involvement in high-profile murders in the 1990s. Kommersant pens citing sources in the department.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that Gagiev, aka Dzhako, went to Moscow Civil Engineering Institute in 1988, from which he graduated just barely: he was two times expelled for poor progress and absenteeism. Even then Gagiev, according to the source, was not a good little boy.

Meanwhile, the ICR sends an indictment to the Prosecutor General's Office on the case against 12 members of the criminal community organized by Dzhako. Two former officers of the Bulat support team Andrey Sankin and Viktor Pronin will find themselves behind bars. They are accused of murders and kidnapping of people.

Earlier, 23 other participants of the gang were jailed, another seven are still wanted, and Georgy Kusov is awaiting extradition from Belgium.

As for Gagiev, he is charged with organizing a criminal community that committed 60 murders and fraud.



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