Aslan Gagiev charged with creating 3 gangs and committing 6 murders

Aslan Gagiev charged with creating 3 gangs and committing 6 murders
Aslan Gagiev Photo: Interpol

Currently Dzhako has been accused in person of organizing only six murders out of the 60 murders from the initial charges incriminated to him in absentia, for which Gagiev was declared internationally wanted in 2014.

The investigation into the case of the leader of the killers OCG Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), extradited six months ago from Austria, was completed. Yesterday in the Lefortovo jail, the investigator for particularly important cases of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for the North Caucasus Federal District charged Gagiev with the final wording, Kommersant reports.

At the moment, Aslan Gagiev is charged with organizing a criminal community (part 1 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), creating three gangs (Art. 209), six murders (items “a”, “f”, “g”, “h" part 2 of Art. 105), and illegal arms trafficking (part 3 of Art. 222). All these crimes were committed in North Ossetia, where Dzhako began his criminal career.

The victims of gangs, that were part of the criminal community created by Gagiev, as a rule, were the rivals of the OCG, but one of these crimes was committed against a law enforcement officer. In 2013, Oleg Oziev, Deputy Prosecutor of the Promyshlenny District of Vladikavkaz, was shot by order of Dzhako in the courtyard of his own house. At the same time, the investigation does not connect this crime with Oziev’s professional activity, qualifying it as a murder from personal dislike.

Earlier it was reported that Gagiev, who refused to testify, does not acknowledge his guilt, while he willingly supports the conversation on topics not related to the prosecution.

After announcement of the final version of the indictment, Gagiev and his lawyers will begin to get acquainted with the 160 volumes of the criminal case.

According to its materials, Kommersant notes, investigators of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for the North Caucasian Federal District went on the trail of Gagiev in 2013, investigating the case of his namesake Oleg Gagiev (Bote, Malysh), currently convicted for life. Bote led a group of killers who made assassination attempt of the head of the administration of the head of North Ossetia, Sergey Takoev, the assassinations of Vladikavkaz mayor Vitaly Karayev and his predecessor Kazbek Pagiev, as well as several security forces employees. In their testimony, the detained bandits mentioned a certain Sergey Morozov, who was standing above Bote. He turned out to be Aslan Gagiev.

In the same year, Dzhako was wanted as a suspect. In February 2014, he was charged in absentia under Art. 210, 209 and 105 of the Russian Criminal Code, having already been announced in the international wanted list, after which the court made a decision on his arrest in absentia. On January 17, 2015, Aslan Gagiev was detained in Vienna and imprisoned under pre-extra arrest, but his extradition was delayed for three years.

In the initial charge, according to which the Austrian authorities agreed to the arrest of Gagiev and his extradition, was only an insignificant part of the crimes, in which the Russian investigation accused Dzhako. During the time spent by Gagiev in an Austrian prison, his involvement in a series of high-profile crimes was proved.

Thus, at present, Aslan Gagiev is suspected of organizing 60 murders, including those of the owners of the bank National Capital Dmitry Plytnik, Sodbiznesbank and Credittrast bank Alexander Slesarev, the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky and the former owner of the German shipyards Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov.

The Main Investigative Department of the ICR for the North Caucasus Federal District is now preparing documents to appeal to the Austrian authorities to give consent for Dzhako to be held criminally liable for other murders. The media notes that this should be expected after the decision of the Moscow Regional Military Court in the case of killers from the Gagiev's OCG.

12 alleged members of the Dzhako's gang, who are accused of more than 40 murders and attempted murders, after the change of territorial jurisdiction by the Prosecutor General’s Office are tried separately. Consideration of the case of the gang, which included officers of the SOBR Bulat Victor Pronin and Andrei Sankin, as well as the ex-operative of the criminal investigation department Ruslan Yurtov, the Moscow Regional Military Court will start in December.



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