Arrested crooked cop, who covered up Gagiev gang in Moscow.

Arrested crooked cop, who covered up Gagiev gang in Moscow.
Aslan Gagiev

Police officer was arrested in Moscow for accepting the bribe from Gagiev gang, which is responsible for around 60 murders.

The Basmanniy court of Moscow granted the application of the First Investigations Directorate, which belongs to Main Investigations Directorate of Russia’s Investigation Committee. The Court adjudicated to detain for 2 months Vadim Shavlokhov, the Chief of 4th Operations and Search Division in Criminal Investigation Department of MIA.

According to the Press Service of Investigation Committee, Vadim Shavlokhov was detained on past Wednesday, 15th of June. He is now suspected in receiving a bribe (p.6, art.290 of the Russian Criminal Code) from organized crime group, led by Aslan Gagiev.

According to figures from Investigative Authorities, in 2013 Vadim Shavlokhov was working as a detective in The Major Crimes Unit of Criminal Investigation Department of MIA.

By having an access to documentation, related to the given Organized Crime Group, he handed to Aslan Gagiev service-based data, that contained information about the investigations of gang’s crimes. For his service the man has received the compensation of 100 thousand US dollars.

It is worth noting, that this gang is accountable for about 60 killings, made not only on territory of Moscow and Moscow Region, but also in North Ossetia. 



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