Arkhangelsk district police officer talked men beaten in club into inflicting Shamaninskie

Arkhangelsk district police officer talked men beaten in club into inflicting Shamaninskie

Former district police officer in the Arkhangelsk region is prosecuted for abuse of authority.

The former district police officer of the regional MIA office in Severodvinsk has been charged with part 1 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code. The ex-law enforcement officer is accused of Exceeding Official Powers. The criminal case has been investigated by ICR officers in the Arkhangelsk Region and Nenets Autonomous District.

During the investigation, it was found that in October 2014, the police officer refused to initiate criminal proceedings on the application of two men, beaten in one of the city's nightclubs, and persuaded them to write a statement about the termination of the inquiry into the incident. He assured that the attack had been committed by members of the Shamaninskie organized crime group, who should not be messed with. After this, the district police officer issued a knowingly illegal decision not to institute criminal proceedings. In the decision, he indicated that no illegal acts had been committed against the applicants.

When the information about the concealed crime reached the law enforcement bodies, the policeman was dismissed, and the decision on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings rendered by him was canceled.

As noted by the regional ICR, the concealment of the crime came to light during a joint FSB investigation of the criminal case on the Shamaninskie OCG's activities. 

Investigating authorities have gathered enough evidence to prove the guilt of the ex-police officer. All materials in the criminal case with the confirmation of charges have been referred to the Severodvinsk City Court for further consideration on the merits.



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