Arashukov deprived of senator status addressed to Federation Council

Arashukov deprived of senator status addressed to Federation Council

The former parliamentarian noted that his colleagues had dug a hole for themselves.

Rauf Arashukov, who is accused of swindling and involvement in two murders, addressed through his lawyer Anna Stavitskaya to his former colleagues after being deprived of his status as a senator. He noted that he was dismissed from the post according to the law, where a warning was indicated among the possible penalties. Also, the former senator insisted that he had requested the necessary documents to report on his income, but never received a response.

“My wife provided a part of the declaration within the prescribed period, and I sent a request to the Federation Council within the prescribed period to provide me with the necessary documents to fill in the declaration, but I still haven’t received an answer,” Arashukov wrote.

The ex-senator stressed that his guilt has not yet been proven, but he has already been deprived of immunity and authority. “You yourself create precedents, which then can backlash!” Arashukov said.

It is to be recalled that Rauf and his father Raul Arashukov were accused of stealing gas from Gazprom worth 30 billion rubles ($ 465 million). Also, the former parliamentarian was involved in two murders and tampering with a witness of one of them. On May 22, the Federation Council deprived Rauf Arashukov of his authority for the untimely report on his property.



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