Arab, Turkish, and Chechen clans of Germany bury with honors the murdered crime lord 

Arab, Turkish, and Chechen clans of Germany bury with honors the murdered crime lord
The funeral of the late crime lord

36-year-old Nidal R. was killed in retaliation for organizing an attack on members of the opposing Arab gang.

A big funeral of the murdered crime lord has been held in Berlin. About two thousand people came to say goodbye to the head of one of the Arab OCGs of Germany. The streets adjoining the cemetery had to be closed off.

Нидаль Р.

The late Nidal R.

Nidal R. was killed right in front of his family in the Tempelhofer-Feld park, where parents and children usually rest, on Sunday afternoon. The crime lord, who had been previously released from prison, was shot eight times, four of which became deadly to him – he died in the hospital because of internal bleeding a few hours later. 

The police believe that the murder of Nidal R. was a revenge of another Arab clan. Namely, in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin on August 5, unknown people shot at the institution owned by this clan. Two men aged 25 and 30 were detained on suspicion of committing the crime; however, the representatives of the clans were convinced that Nidal was behind it.

After that, the parties agreed to hold a peaceful meeting to resolve the conflict and avoid its further escalation, but the meeting fell through because of Nidal’s murder.

Траурная церемония

The mourning ceremony in Berlin

At the mourning ceremony, which was held by the Arab rite, heads and members of the country’s largest ethnic gangs – Arab, Turkish, Albanian, and Chechen – were spotted, reports. According to the publication, every well-known Arab criminal and many radical Islamists from the German capital decided to honor the memory of the late crime lord. 

More than 150 police and special forces officers monitored compliance with the order. According to law enforcers, representatives of the grouping accused of murdering Nidal also attended the funeral, which could signal that they had nothing to do with the murder. Their visit might also mean a truce. The deceased was buried with honors in the Muslim part of the cemetery.

The late native of Lebanon was responsible for innumerable grave crimes. He was the head of one of dozens of crime groups with a total of up to 10 thousand members operating in the capital of Germany. Most often, the sphere of their activities includes prostitution, trafficking in weapons and drugs, thefts, money laundering, and charging for protection. 


Head of another powerful criminal clan Issa Remmo at the funeral of Nidal. R.

According to the estimates by the Federal Office of Criminal Police, there are more than 200 thousand people who are members of families with Arab roots in Germany at the moment. As reported by, clans are trying to attract as many Arab families into the mafia structures as possible. Mane of those families come from South-Eastern Turkey. The traces often lead to the Turkish province of Mardi – because of poverty and discrimination by the authorities, many Turks fled from Mardi to Lebanon. In the late 80s, they came to Germany, claiming that they were fleeing from the civil war in Lebanon. Many of them did not have IDs. Over time, they settled in the country and do not want to go back.



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