Another rogue policeman involved in case against Shamanin’s gang

Another rogue policeman involved in case against Shamanin’s gang
Oleg Shamanin

The policeman decided not to start the investigation of a case of beating and made the victims renounce their claims against the criminals since they belonged to the once mighty Shamanin’s gang.

There’s been a new twist in the high-profile case against the Shamanin’s gang members that had imposed a tribute on Arkhangelsk businessmen. The investigation revealed that a former policeman from Severodvinsk Aleksey Malygin in October 2014 convinced victims to refuse from the examination that would verify they had been beaten in a nightclub. The officer justified his recommendations by the fact that the attackers were members of an organized crime group called Shamanin’s gang. Then Malygin refused to initiate criminal proceedings, stating that there had been no illegal actions against the complainants.

Malygin is already the fourth police officer associated with the Shamanin’s gang. The first detained was the former head of the Criminal Investigation of Severodvinsk Shumov (also known as Shum). The second was a former officer Yakovlev, and the third one was a road traffic policeman.

According to the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in the Arkhangelsk region, now a criminal case has been initiated against the policeman regarding Abuse of Official Powers (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). He was dismissed from service and is under house arrest. The previous decision made by the policeman has been canceled as illegal. A criminal case has been initiated on beating.

27 people are involved in the Shamanin’s gang case. They were charged with extortion, robberies, illegal purchase and possession of weapons and ammunition, as well as use of violence against businessmen and authorities.The gang leader Oleg Shamanin absconded on a wave of arrests and was put on the international wanted list.



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