Another member of Molnar’s gang that filled up thieves’ pooled cash fund goes to prison

Another member of Molnar’s gang that filled up thieves’ pooled cash fund goes to prison

Yury Meshechek has been on the wanted list for more than 3 years.

Mogilevsky district court in Belarus has delivered its sentence to another member of a criminal gang headed by an influential crime lord Sergey Molnar. It was found that 55-year-old Meshechek had been a head of the criminal group that sided with Molnar’s gang in 2009.

Meshechek became a head of a group of ‘black real estate agents’ that operated in Minsk and Babruysk. The investigation theory is that Meshechek’s task was a development of crimes, as well as enlistment and teaching of the gang’s new members. Meshechek also looked for apartments’ owners and fraudulently took possession of these apartments. Then, he looked for intending purchasers, closed transactions and distrubuted the money. Among the victims were low-income persons and those addicted to alcohol. The investigators believe the gang’s members are involved in more than 70 illegal acquisitions of objects.

Share of profits went to Molnar who in his turn sent at least $5 thousand to prisons as a pooled cash fund.

In 2014, the gang’s members and Molnar were detained, however Meshechek managed to escape. Last year, he was caught in Moscow. The court hearings were launched in September, this year.

According to the media office of the Belarus Supreme Court, Meshechek was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony, with confiscation of property. Earlier, in 2017, 30 members of Molnar’s gang got their sentences. The 53-year-old Molnar was sentenced to 18 years behind bars, with confiscation of property. Another prominent member of the gang Denis Maks (aka Den Babruysky) - who, according to the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption, was overseeing Belarus - was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Ruslan Aleynikov who, according to the case file, was an alpha dog of the pooled cash fund, got the same sentence.



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