Another defendant appeared in Magomedov brothers' case

Another defendant appeared in Magomedov brothers' case
Magomedov brothers Photo: Kommersant

The investigation arrested the supplier of electrical equipment from the Pskov region.

A witness, who now also became a defendant, was arrested within a criminal case against co-owners of the Summa group, Ziyavudin, and Magomed Magomedov brothers. That is director general of Energia-M LLC Yuri Petrov. According to investigators, he was an accomplice to the machinations organized by the leaders of Globelelektroservis, a subsidiary of Summa, to the Federal Grid Company (FGC), Kommersant reports.

Petrov testified on one of the episodes of Swindling on a large scale (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), which is attributed to the creators of the criminal community Magomedovs. The interrogation took place about six months in the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. At the end of March this year, the entrepreneur was detained in Velikiy Luki (Pskov Region) and taken to the capital. The Tverskoy court has already authorized his arrest for two months.

According to the materials of the investigation, Petrov acted as part of a criminal group, which included unidentified persons, and was headed by presidents of the Globaltelektroservis company Eldar Nagaplov and Vyacheslav Kochetov; he participated in the scam from which FGC damaged.

In particular, the top managers of Globelektroservis misled FGC about the real cost of equipment during the construction of the Vasileostrovskaya substation, Neryungri GRES, and other facilities. Due to that scheme, they were able to get about 650 million rubles. At the same time, almost 200 million rubles were overpaid to Energia-M LLC, which supplied electrical equipment for these projects. Moreover, the investigation believes that the contracts were fictitious, and LLC was a one-day company.

Petrov’s lawyer, Nikolay Pospeev, told the publication that Energia-M has been supplying equipment for two decades, including that produced by Plant of Electrical Equipment in Velikiy Luki, and regularly pays taxes, so it can hardly be considered a one-day company.

The defender insists that the crime incriminated to his client is related to that committed in the course of entrepreneurial activity, and they should not be detained for it at all following the Criminal Procedure Code.

However, the appeals instance believed that Yuri Petrov could hide while at large, can siphon off part of the stolen funds to bribe witnesses who exposed him in committing the crime during the confrontations.

Earlier it was reported that Nagaplov and Kochetov are accused of at least three episodes as part of the gang - in addition to frauds against FGC, this alleged embezzlement of 300 million rubles when laying a section of the Chuysky Trakt highway and 725 million rubles during the construction of the Arena Baltika stadium in Kaliningrad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The last case is already being heard in court.



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