Amur Prosecutor's Office speaks of Tsepovyaz mansion in colony

Amur Prosecutor's Office speaks of Tsepovyaz mansion in colony
Photo: Video screenshot

The facts of and unlawful softening of conditions of detention of the member of the Tsapok’s gang are being investigated, the department said.

As The CrimeRussia wrote, the video shows an apiary and a garden fenced off from the two buildings of the Amur correctional colony. Behind the scenes, as stated by the user who posted the video, Tsepovyaz speaks about his possessions: he tells his guest Ivan what plants he raises and what it’s like to be there in the summer.

The Committee said that this video was filmed in 2015–2016 and it has already been checked. Basing on its results, it was concluded that the colony illegally softened the conditions of Viacheslav Tsepovyaz’s detention.

“The Prosecutor's Office of the Amur region checked a new video published in the media about an apiary of the convict Tsepovyaz. The video was filmed in the period of 2015–2016, when the convicted Tsepovyaz worked in an apiary. This fact was verified by the regional prosecutor’s office. The criminal cases initiated on the results of the check are currently being investigated,” the prosecutor’s office website reports. 

The agency also confirmed that the investigation into the case initiated on the reports on the delivery of delicacies to Tsepovyaz, providing him with additional visits and free use of prohibited items (a cell phone) is being carried out. According to the materials of the prosecutor's inspections, two criminal cases were initiated on the abuse of power.



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