Alexey Frenkel to expose the Magomedov brothers 

Alexey Frenkel to expose the Magomedov brothers
Alexey Frenkel Photo: TASS

A financier intends to tell about the involvement of the Magomedov brothers in a contract killing and money laundering.

Financier Alexey Frenkel, sentenced in 2009 to 19 years in colony as the paymaster of the murder of First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlov, is going to testify against the co-owners of the Summa group, the Magomedov brothers, according to RBC, citing a statement of Frenkel’s lawyer, Eduard Gladilin, to the investigator of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nikolay Budilo, who is in charge of the case of the Magomedovs accused of fraud and creation of a criminal community.

According to the lawyer, Frenkel intends to give testimony, "exposing the brothers in involvement in the contract killing and legalization of crime proceeds." It is noted that the financier decided to provide new testimony after the arrests of the former Deputy Head of the K Directorate of the FSB Dmitry Frolov and "a number of participants in the banking market of that period."

Frolov, as well as the Head of the 2nd Department of the K Directorate and his former subordinate Kirill Cherkalin, were arrested in late April 2019 in a case of embezzlement of 490 million rubles ($7.5 m) from businessman Sergey Glyadelkin. Other defendants in the case are operative of the K Directorate Andrey Vasilyev and the former Heads of Evrofinance Mosnarbank Alexander Bondarenko and Vladimir Stolyarenko.


Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedovs

Dmitry Tselyakov, former Deputy Head of the Department of Combating Organized Crime of the Interior Ministry, who investigated banking crimes in the 2000s, explained that Frolov was in charge of operational support in the case of Kozlov’s murder and got a medal for this.


Dmitry Frolov

“At that time, we wiretapped and recorded telephone conversations. Only a small part of these records was included in the Kozlov murder case. In March 2007, we questioned Frenkel on the content of some of them, but he did not cooperate with the investigation then. He told a little about the officials of the Bank of Russia, then clammed up, as the main questions were more serious,” said Tselyakov.

According to Tselyakov, the original interrogation of Frenkel was seized from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and was joined not with the case of Kozlov’s murder, but with the case in which the victim was the current shareholder of the Crimean Genbank, Evgeny Dvoskin.

The brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov were detained in late March 2018. They are accused of organizing a criminal community, fraud and embezzlement of 2.5 billion rubles ($38.4 m) from the budget.




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