Aleksey Peunkov to spend 24.5 years in jail for Penya OCG

Aleksey Peunkov to spend 24.5 years in jail for Penya OCG
Peunkov – the gang leader and ex-Deputy

The term of imprisonment has been imposed jointly with the sentence on contract killings.

The Arkhangelsk Lomonosovsky district court has completed a four-day reading of the verdict to the ex-Deputy of the regional Assembly Aleksey Peunkov known in certain circles under the nickname of Penya. The ex-MP was convicted of setting up a criminal gang responsible for murders, money laundering, arsons, violence, etc. - about 20 incidences in total. The court sentenced Penya to 24.5 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 800 thousand rubles.

According to investigators, the Penya’s gang, also known as Peschanaya (Sandy) and Solombalskaya was established in 2009. The gang was engaged in illegal monopolization of building sand market. Aleksey Peunkov, being a Deputy of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly knew all competitors for sand extraction and promoted his gang members making them deputies. Threatening to local businessmen, gangsters forced them to withdraw transactions of sale and delivery of building sand. The businessmen were only allowed to make deals with the gang-controlled entities.

Pressurizing and threatening the businessmen, the gang was able to buy sand for 30 rubles and sell it for 450 rubles. Those who disagreed were beaten up, their property vandalized. The estimated figure the gang got for four years of existence is over 120 million rubles, 20 people fell victim to the crimes.

Having studied the materials of the case, the court found Peunkov guilty of establishing a criminal association and being its member. A year earlier he had been sentenced to 23 years in prison for the murder of two businessmen between 2004 and 2006. Thus, the former Deputy was sentenced by the Lomonosovsky Arkhangelsk regional court to 24.5 years in the maximum-security penal colony for multiple offenses.

The judge granted the gang founder the right to rehabilitation.

The Peunkov’s accomplice, an ex-parliamentarian of the Primorsky district Assembly of Deputies Vitaly Savin, will also serve his sentence. The judge sentenced him to 8.5 years in a penal colony. Besides, the gang member is to pay a fine of 300 thousand rubles. Denis Soshnev, the gang’s strong-arm, will serve a term in a general regime colony for 10 years and pay a fine of 250 thousand rubles. Andrey Rudnev was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment to be served in a penal colony, and a fine of 150 thousand rubles.



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