Accused of 60 murders crime lord gets sick with aerophobia last minute before extradition to Russia

Accused of 60 murders crime lord gets sick with aerophobia last minute before extradition to Russia
Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako)

The lawyers of Dzhako, who is responsible for 60 murders, are doing their best to prevent his extradition.⁠

Aslan Gagiev aka Dzhako, accused of 60 murders, could not return to Russia because of a sick note. At the last minute before departure, his lawyers reported that their client had developed a rare form of aerophobia during his stay in the Austrian prison, because of which he might not handle the plane ride. While Interpol officers were dealing with the sick note, Gagiev’s lawyers managed to file another complaint with the Vienna Superior Court of Justice, Kommersant reports. The lawyers doubted the conditions of Dzhako’s detention would meet European standards, and that the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia would be able to ensure his safety.

Gagiev’s defense intends to continue appealing against the decision on extradition, clinging to the slightest opportunity to avoid or at least postpone the moment when Dzhako would come before the court. The next step may be an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, which will block his extradition before the court's decision.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, Moscow had managed to seek deportation of the assassins’ gang leader; in September, the Supreme Court of Vienna granted the request of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation to extradite Gagiev to Russian law enforcement officers. The court hearing, where the issue of Dzhako’s extradition was addressed, was closed to the press. 

To recall, Aslan Gagiev was detained in early 2015 in Vienna. In Russia, Dzhako is suspected of creating one of the most brutal crime groups, responsible for over 60 murders of officials, bankers, businessmen, and law enforcers, committed for several years since 2004. 

All crimes were committed in the Moscow and North Caucasus regions. To date, 17 members of the crime organization have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, including life imprisonment. 14 men remain in custody, and 8 men are internationally and federally wanted. 

In November, the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow delivered a verdict in the criminal case against MIA Colonel Vadim Shavlokhov, who was found guilty of receiving a bribe and abuse of official powers. Honored operative had allowed a mediator to photograph a letter, in which Head of the North Ossetian Interior Ministry Artur Atmetkhanov reported to the Minister of the Interior Affairs on the crimes committed by Dzhako’s gang, in exchange for $100 thousand. At the same time, the letter was not classified as top secret or “for official use”, and its content, sent by e-mail to Gagiev by lawyer Arsen Gabolaev, was of no special value for the bandits. By the time, they had already been declared wanted. However, Gabolaev saved the letter on a USB flash disk, which later became the most important evidence against Shavlohov.



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