Accomplice of ‘jade underboss’ detained after 6 years of running 

Accomplice of ‘jade underboss’ detained after 6 years of running
Ilshat Ivanov, Sadyk

Barsan Donakanyan was wanted as part of the case against Sadykovskie OCG.

An entrepreneur, who is the son of the director general of SD-98 construction company, has been detained in Ulan-Ude on suspicion of extortion and links to Sadykovskie OCG. Barsan Donakanyan is a defendant in the case of extortion, Nomer Odin reports referring to its sources. 

Donakanyan had been wanted since 2012. He is the son of Director General of the construction company SD-98, Grigory Donakanyan. The arrested’s man sister, Inga Donakanyan, used to work as head of the Department of Legal Management of the Ulan-Ude Mayor’s Office. 

The details of Donakanyan’s detention are not known. 


Barsan Donakanyan

The crime group led by the Buryat crime lord – the so-called ‘jade underboss' Ilshat Ivanov (Sadyk) – ‘supervised’ the extraction of jade in Buryatia for several years. In 2012, Buryatia’s former MIA Head, Aleksandr Zaychenko, called the group “the most organized and dangerous OCG in the republic.”

In September 2012, the OCG’s bosses were arrested, including Sadyk himself. The detainees were charged with extortion committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy and with the use of violence. Soon, a few more people were arrested as part of this case, including the son of Speaker of the Parliament of Buryatia Tsyren-Dashi Dorzhiyev and Barsan Donakanyan. However, later Donakyan was declared federally wanted, and the MIA said that he had not been arrested.



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