Accomplice in murder of Russian businessman shot for having ‘loose tongue’

Accomplice in murder of Russian businessman shot for having ‘loose tongue’
Igor Osintsev

A 24-year-old native of Darasun village, a Chechnya war veteran, Alexander Lipatnikov, who had assisted in the murder of a notable businessman Leonid Kalinin (nickname ‘Kalina’) on May 20, 2004, in Chita, was killed for having a ‘loose tongue.’

This was done with the consent of the criminal kingpin Igor Osintsev. He currently stands as a defendant in the trial in the Trans-Baikal Regional Court, and is about to be sentenced. During the investigation, Osintsev himself acknowledged this fact, having signed the plea bargain.

According to a record from the case files, a year after Kalina and his three guards had been murdered on the Zabaykalskiy Rabochiy street in the city of Chita, Dmitry Antipin (nickname ‘Antip,’ Vice-President of Boxing Federation of the Siberian Federal District, died in August 2007) complained to Osintsev about Lipatnikov’s inappropriate behavior. The latter, going by the nickname ‘Pelmen,’ became a heavy drinker, though he had an addiction and was strongly advised against it, started to be oblivious, and failed to carry out Antipin’s orders. In particular, Pelmen was told to pick up weapons from the house of one of the gang members, before police would come there with a search warrant. On top of all, Lipatnikov began telling others about Kalinin’s murder. Fearing that Pelmen might throw him under the bus, because both of them took part in the murder of Kalinin, Antipin asked the mastermind Osintsev for an advice on the matter, a source close to the investigation reported.

The source then informed that Osintsev told Antipin "it's your fellow, it’s up to you to resolve this issue." Taking this advice as a guide to action, Antipin planned the murder of his criminal companion. Lipatnikov was taken to the woods in the area near Darasun, where he was shot in the head from a pistol by another member of the Osinovskaya gang, Perepelitsyn (nickname ‘Hans,’ died in 2006). Antipin and the third man present, a former paratrooper Vitaliy Simonov, were at the scene of the murder and helped hide the corpse.

It is worth noting that Simonov, Antipin, and Lipatnikov attended the same school and knew each other since first grade.



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