Tyumen killer gang member asked Putin to check into his case 

Tyumen killer gang member asked Putin to check into his case
Alexander Kobylin Photo: 72.ru

Sambo coach Alexander Kobylin stated that he was merely a witness of one of the murders committed by the gang.

One of the defendants of the case against the Tyumen gang of killers from the FSB, sambo trainer Alexander Kobylin, appealed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin with a letter demanding to look into his case. The text of the letter was published on 72.ru. According to the media outlet, the document was sent to Putin's administration back in 2017, but no response has been received yet.

Since 2010 to 2013, Kobylin worked in the FSB as a trainer for personnel and the Operational Activities Support Unit. In his letter, he pens about his acquaintance with members of the group, as well as describes how he witnessed the homicide of a taxi driver, committed by the gang.

Kobylin claims that since 2012 he had been on friendly terms with the alleged leader of the group, Vladimir Gilev, who in May 2017 committed suicide in detention center No. 2 in Zavodoukovsk, the Tyumen region. "He seemed to me a real patriot, honest and decent with his friends and comrades," Kobylin wrote.

Письмо Кобылина

Kobylin’s letter

In 2014, Kobylin was contacted by another member of the gang, Alexey Korotkov, a member of the Operational Activities Support Unit (OSOM) of the FSB for the Tyumen region, who offered the coach to assist him in his operational work: obtain information on corruption in law enforcement agencies and the administration of Tyumen and any potentially interesting data. "I was very scrupulous about Korotkov's assignments and fulfilled them with joy, even with pride, I would say," the former coach’s letter read.

Since August 2015, Korotkov started to often come to Kobylin, complaining about his boss, whom he considered "weak." In early September, Korotkov suggested that the coach "run operational-work-related errands" together with Vladimir Gilev and Evgeny Gladkikh. Gilev did not come to the meeting on the pretext of "family affairs". A block from the house of Kobylin the company called a taxi. It was Korotkov, acting as a shift worker from the North, who talked to the driver. According to Kobylin, he perceived everything as an operative measure.

Before reaching the named address, Korotkov ordered the driver to turn towards the wood line. There he asked him to brake, and then shot him. "It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that I did not have time to say anything," Kobylin told. After this, Korotkov and Gladkikh dragged the taxi driver out into the street and beat him completely. According to Kobylin, he feared that they could kill him as well, and that is why he did not try to escape.

Korotkov sat behind the wheel of the car, and Gladkikh took a seat next to him. Gladkikh and Kobylin were dropped off near the house of the latter, together they got into in the personal car of Korotkov and first made way to Gladkikh’s home, and then after Gilev. Afterwards, they drove to the pedestrian bridge across the railway crossing in 30 Let Pobedy Street. Korotkov also drove up there in the car of the killed taxi driver. He took out a bag from the trunk of his car and said that Gladkikh and he were going to shelling a cafe from an automatic rifle. After that they left, and Gilev asked Kobylin where they got the taxi car from. He replied that "Lekha (Korotkov) found it somewhere." After 30-40 minutes Korotkov and Gladkikh returned on foot. Korotkov said that they had not succeeded, after which he drove everyone home in his car.

Кафе "Киш-Миш"

Kish-Mish cafe

The next day Kobylin met with Korotkov in the park, where the latter told him that he "can kill anyone." Kobylin "took his words as a threat." Korotkov added that after the taxi driver’s murder, Kobylin was "tied to them" and threatened with "loss of loved ones" if he told anyone about it. After this meeting, Kobylin tried to limit his communication with Korotkov. According to the former coach, at the moments when they did see each other, the FSB officer "pointed a gun at him as a joke." "I felt alarm, I feared for myself and my family," Kobylin wrote.

In late April 2017, Kobylin met with Gilev. He said that Korotkov had been arrested for the murder of the taxi driver and two Tajik citizens. Gilev also added that the case, run by the Investigative Committee, was under the control of the FSB Director, Alexander Bortnikov. Korotkov had been allegedly monitored since February 2017. Kobylin told Gilev that he had witnessed the killing of the taxi driver in 2015 and was going to go to the investigators, but he talked him out of it. The former coach noted that he was "shocked" when he learned that Gilev also turned out to be a criminal, since for him he was "a patriot and role-model employee of the FSB." At one of the next meetings, Gilev told Kobylin about the detention of Evgeny Gladkikh.

Kobylin was rounded up on May 2, 2017 after meeting with a lawyer. During the interrogation of the detainee, the operatives "used such a method that he agreed with all the accusations." Kobylin’s lawyer was not allowed in the department. The former coach, however, was given a business card of another lawyer, who arrived in a few hours. According to Kobylin, the operatives told him what testimony to give to the investigator. The time of detention was not the same in the protocol. In addition, an episode appeared in it, in which Kobylin was not actually involved: ostensibly in the autumn of 2016 he gave Korotkov advice how to slay Tajik citizens. Kobylin initially refused to sign the protocol, but after "talking to the operative" he changed his mind and signed it without even reading it. Subsequently, the interrogation record was altered once more. The investigator also told Kobylin that the First Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee Directorate for the Tyumen region, Akhmed Askhabov, took interested in his case; in 2015, the trainer appealed to Vladimir Putin with a letter in which he complained that the unified judo and sambo federation of the Tyumen region, where Askhabov occupies the post of Vice-President, imposes Islam on athletes and infringes upon sambo wrestlers’ interests.

On the early hours of May 20, 2017, Vladimir Gilev's body with a cut throat and open veins was found in the ward of SIZO No. 2 in Zavodoukovsk. After that, Kobylin met with the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Tyumen police, who began to question him about crimes that he allegedly did not commit: the shooting at the cafe at Minskaya Street in 2011 or 2012, the murder of a BMW driver in 2015, the murder of a Nexia driver in the summer the same year and the murder of shot caller Ivan Paderin, who was killed in the summer of 2010. When the policeman realized that Kobylin did not know anything about these crimes, he forced him to write a confession over the crime committed in 1994, within which the coach was a witness. Subsequently, Kobylin testified that he had slandered himself.

In the summer of 2017, military investigators took the case. They interrogated Kobylin. He stated that he had given "truthful testimony". In July, the former coach was charged with the murder of taxi driver Chashnikov, robbery and firing at the Kish-Mish café as a gang member in September 2015. In addition, Kobylin was accused of instructing Korotkov ammunition change, and invited him to train for a while fiting at Tajik citizens, told where to find them and where to hide the corpses (Krotkov and Gladkikh killed Tajik citizens Toirov and Sayfutdinov on December 2016). In his letter Kobylin called accusations against him "absurd", as operatives and former employees of the FSB special forces did not need such an advice from a civilian.

Александр Чашников

Alexander Chashnikov

After the arrest of Korotkov and Gladkikh, Gilev told the trainer that the taxi driver was killed in order to lure him into crimes. He also added that he allegedly stopped assissting Korotkov from the end of 2012.

During the investigation, Kobylin became aware of other gang crimes: several murders of taxi drivers, extortion of 10 million rubles ($175.400) from an employee of an oil company, the murder of a Tajik citizen, as well as the shooting at a cafe.

During the preliminary investigation, Alexey Korotkov confessed to six murders. At present, the case is transferred to the Military Investigation Department of the ICR and is classified.



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