90s-style showdown between two Yekaterinburg crime groups over rogue casino

90s-style showdown between two Yekaterinburg crime groups over rogue casino

Some sources say that up to 50 people took part in the mass brawl.

As reported by Znak.com on October 17 referring to a source in law enforcement bodies, the mass brawl on Omskaya Street in Pionerskoe village, Yekaterinburg, which was reported by local media referring to witnesses the day before, turned out to be a showdown between two crime groups – Naumovskie and Yakovlevskie.

According to the publication source, members of both OCGs have been detained. The news portal suggests that Yakovlevskie is a crime group of Valery Yakovlev, who used to be a co-founder of Yaguar private security company, eliminated in 2017 (according to SPARK system database). He also had assets in the restaurant business. Allegedly, he has ties with Uralmash OCG and Sinie OCG.

As for Naumovskie, the sources are likely talking about Oleg Naumov aka Naum. It was reported that he is related to Brigada and Grizli PSCs, although he is not registered as company co-founder. Both Yakovlev and Naumov are considered to be gangland businessmen, who have ties with Sinie OCG, for example.

Yakovlev and Naumov used to arrange the so-called ‘boeviki’ in Yekaterinburg, as previously reported by the local media. ‘Boeviki’ is athletes and former security officials willing to participate in power resolution of conflicts for cash.

According to the publication source, yesterday’s showdown was caused by disagreements over a car service station located not far from Omsk. It is not yet clear what exactly the conflict was about.

The fight began at about 3:30-4:00 p.m. A local says that there were some tough guys with expensive cars on the street, about 50 people.

“At first, they were just standing and talking about something. Then the fight started. It was brutal. The police and OMON had to break it up,” he said.

The MIA General Administration in the Sverdlovsk region has revealed the details of the incident. The Administration said that officers of the regional Criminal Investigation Department and National Guard’s SOBR special police responded to the call, not OMON.

Several people were taken to the police control room of the territorial Department of Internal Affairs, and the rest managed to escape. An abandoned nonlethal pistol was found on the scene.



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