7 more years for murderer of Khotkovo OCG leader and his henchman

7 more years for murderer of Khotkovo OCG leader and his henchman
Aleksandr Grishin

The Moscow Regional Court has increased the sentence of Moscow region resident Aleksandr Grishin for double murder at a showdown five years ago.

Last week, the Moscow Regional Court announced a new decision in the case of 2013 murder of crime lord Aleksey Ramzin – the leader of Khotkovo OCG and Khotkovo enforcer – and his henchman, NTV reports.

Previously, Aleksandr Grishin had been found guilty and sentenced to 17 years’ rigorous imprisonment as part of this case; he claimed that he had been defending himself and exceeded the permissible self-defense in the conflict with local bandits. However, he was never able to prove it.

The Prosecutor’s Office has appealed the previous decision of the court, considering it insufficiently severe. As a result of re-examination of the case in the Moscow Regional Court, 62-year-old Aleksandr Grishin’s sentence has been extended by 7 years. According to NTV, the defendant was shocked by the new sentence.

According to his lawyer Vladimir Kalpin, his client does not deserve such a severe sentence, because he was only protecting himself.

The incident took place in Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad district, on October 15 at about 19.00. According to the case file, the leader of Khtokovo OCG Aleksey Ramzin had made an appointment with Grishin; the former was accompanied by two men. There was a conflict during the meeting. The video from a dashcam shows Grishin being attacked from behind and struck several times. After this, Grishin grabbed one of the attackers’ weapons and fired four shots at them.

Aleksey Ramzin was killed on the spot; one of his accomplices died in the hospital. Grishin himself tried to escape, but was detained after a few days.



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