7 members of organized crime group Vtorye Gorki detained in Kazan. Some of them under age

7 members of organized crime group Vtorye Gorki detained in Kazan. Some of them under age
Photo: Office of Investigations

The eldest group’s member is 23 years old. The group is suspected of robbery, racketeering, and kidnapping.

According to the Investigative Committee in Tatarstan, seven alleged members of an organized crime group Vtorye Gorki are detained in Kazan. They are suspected of robbery, racketeering, and kidnapping. 23-year-old Vadim Zinchenko, 19-year-old Ruslan Gazizyanov, and 18-year-old Dinar Fatkhullin and four other members who are under age are detained. Zinchenko, Gazizyanov, and Fatkhullin are arrested. The rest are under the guarantee of his place of residence.

The members of the organized crime group are accused of Theft (Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Robbery (Article 161), Extortion (Article 163) and Abduction (Article 126). The crimes are classified as committed by a group of persons having conspired

Vtorye Gorki was based in the same name district in Kazan. Most of the gang’s members live there. According to the investigation, in 2017-2018, the suspects attacked the locals and extorted money from them. They also shoplifted. Zinchenko, Gazizyanov, and Fatkhullin are considered to play a predominating role in the gang. Those who were underage were involved in the gang by moral pressure and use of physical force. Some racketeering instances are not announced, however, the amount requested was about 30 thousand rubles ($439) every time.

In June 2018, the gang’s members kidnapped a 15-year-old. He was put in a car near a building on Pobedy avenue. Then, he was taken to a forest on Dubravnaya street. There they started to threaten him and extort money from him. The teenager agreed to pay and asked to bring him back home. Near the house, the criminals met the victim’s relatives and escaped, having removed the teenager from the car.

The apprehension of the detainees was conducted by a group crime control office in the Criminal Investigation Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tatarstan. The first detained were the gang’s leaders. Other participants were arrested later. The suspected pleaded guilty. At present, investigations reveal whether there were other instances of the criminal activity by Vtorye Gorki.

In January 2018, head of Internal Ministry in Tatarstan Artem Khokhorin stated that the situation related to the criminal gangs in the Republic is under control and “the possibility of carrying out of group crimes is minimized.” He also noted that it is early to dismiss the issue of organized crime. The oldest organized crime groups in Kazan Zhilka, Kvartal and others are known for murders in the 1990s were eliminated, and the leaders got a life sentence.



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