50 murders. Photo of crime group’s leader Kostya Bolshoy published 

50 murders. Photo of crime group’s leader Kostya Bolshoy published
Konstantin Piskarev (aka Kostya Bolshoy) Photo: Video screenshot

These are the first shots of the leader of killers’ gang that had committed more than 50 murders.

REN TV has published shots of an ‘authoritative’ entrepreneur Konstantin Piskarev (aka Kostya Bolshoy). He was a ‘native’ of Orekhovskaya organized crime group. Later, he became a head of his own gang that had committed more than 50 murders, including a murder of Sergiyev Posad mayor Evgeny Dushko in 2011.

Videos and photos of Piskarev had not earlier been published. Kostya Bolshoy’s gang had been active in Moscow, Moscow region and a few other regions in Russia, as well as in neighbouring countries. Besides Dushko, the list of murdered by gang allegedly includes a director of the Research center for legal information Marat Gazizov and a police major Roman Maslov. Moreover, Bolshoy’s gang attempted to kill a businesswoman Joyce Mugashe, however the latter managed to survive.

He got his nickname - Bolshoy - due to the fact that he is 6’6 and of massive built. 

According to a criminal investigator of the major case squad of the Main Administration of Criminal Search of Russia’s MIA (he is being quoted by REN TV), Piskarev murdered his business competitors and everyone unwanted: “He could kill his driver, he could kill an employee for misbehaviour. There are precedents. He could kill a person he did not agree with, even if it was about domestic issues.”


Kostya Bolshoy

The TV-channel also reported about discovering of remains of the gang’s alleged victim. Bones of a person buried about 20 years ago were found in the woods near a gardeners' non-commercial partnership Orbita located in Moscow region’s Pushkinsky district. Leather shoes with a VERSUS sign were found at the scene. The victim could be from 22 to 27 of age. The TV-channel published the victim’s composite sketch and called the audience who possess any information call the police on condition of anonymity. 





At the present time, most of the gang’s members - including Sergey Aleksandrov, Sergey Bezrukov, Aleksander Zamyatin, Denis Zemtsov, Dmitry Lupichev, Dmitry Mishin, Andrey Stolyarov, Dmitry Yurov and Piskarev himself - are on the wrong side of the bar. Depending on the role of each of them, they are being accused of Banditry (item 1 and 2 of article 209), murder (article 105), abduction (article 126) and ammunition trafficking (article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Most of them face life in prison. One of the killers - Dmitry Lupichev - agreed to cooperate with the investigation and testified against his partners in crime. His case is being considered according to special procedure. Lupichev is being accused of abetting murder and ammunition trafficking. Another gang’s member - a 48-year-old Igor Saryan - is on the run (presumably, in Abkhazia). 


Igor Saryan

The investigation theory is that the gang was founded in 1999 by Piskarev with the purpose of eliminating his business competitors. Kostya Bolshoy - through authorized representatives - owned a large number of companies - including a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation Skyfood that dealt with arrangements for feeding on international and domestic flights. Besides that, he owned construction firms, shopping centers, yacht clubs, a property management company, an entertainment complex and restaurants. According to Rosbalt, Piskarev - through third parties - owned a restaurant The Shield and the Sword located on Moscow’s Bolshaya Lubyanka street where the Federal Security Service employees had corporate events.

In 2002, at the order of Piskarev, former operative of Russia’s MIA Aleksander Aleksyukhin was abducted, however he managed to escape at the last second. In 2003, Bolshoy’s partners in crime murdered a formed deputy Minister of Justice and first deputy head of the Federal Service for Insolvency and Financial Rehabilitation Vladimir Postyshev. In May, 2004, at the order of Piskarev, director of the research center for legal information of Russia’s Ministry of Justice Marat Gazizov was murdered.  


Evgeny Dushko

The gang’s most high-profile crime was a murder of a head of Sergiyev Posad Evgeny Dushko. This was preceded by a personal conflict between the mayor and Piskarev. The head of Sergiyev Posad refused to give Piskarev authorization for hotspot construction in the center of the city which was about to cause heavy economic losses for Piskarev. On August 22, killer shot the mayor through his car’s windscreen, when he was pulling out of his house. Dushko died on his way to a hospital.

In 2017, operatives detained the gang’s members, including Piskarev himself. The criminals were arrested by the decision of Moscow’s Basmanny court.



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