43-year-old 'madame' tried in Perm region for supplying sex slaves to Saudi Arabia

43-year-old 'madame' tried in Perm region for supplying sex slaves to Saudi Arabia

Trial of 43-year-old resident of the city of Tchaikovsky Olga Goryachikh begins in the Perm region.

The woman is charged with Human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation abroad, committed as part of an OCG (item с part 3 of Art. 127.1 of the Russian Criminal Code).

The investigative bodies have found that in early 2013, Olga Goryachikh and her six accomplices created an OCG, engaged in the recruitment and sale of young girls abroad for their further use in the field of sex services.

Members of the grouping would look for their victims in the Perm region and the neighboring Chelyabinsk region. They would offer interesting and highly paid jobs in the Kingdom of Bahrain of Saudi Arabia for girls willing to work abroad.

After crossing the border of the Russian Federation, the girls who agreed to move were passed on to unidentified persons, who, in turn, send them to brothels and forced to engage in prostitution.

The law enforcers found out that the OCG was especially active in the period from early 2013 to March 2016. During this time, they managed to sell 23 girls into sexual slavery, earning a total of about 4 million rubles (69 thousand dollars).

The criminal scheme by which the gang worked became known to law enforcement officers only after one of the sex slaves managed to escape from captivity and seek help from the police.

In the course of investigation, Olga Goryachikh pleaded guilty and expressed a desire to cooperate with the investigative bodies. She revealed to law enforcement officers how the parts were distributed among the gang members, and how they committed their crimes. A pre-trial agreement has been concluded with her, and the criminal case has been severed. The investigation materials with the approved indictment have been forwarded to the court for further consideration on the merits. As for Olga Goryachikh's accomplices, they are still being tried.



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