22 years of imprisonment for Hunter

22 years of imprisonment for Hunter
Ohotnik and Vedera Photo: Vechorka

In the 00s, Sivolap took part in the killings of Slava Chitinsky, Svirida and Boris Putintsev.

The active member of the once mighty Transbaikalian gang Metsenatovskie, which was a fighting unit of larger gang Osinovka, was sentenced to 22 years in the maximum-security penal colony. According to the edition Vechorka, on 13 December, the Transbaikalian regional court announced the verdict against the last Metsenatovskie brother, Nikolay Sivolap, known by the nickname Ohotnik (Hunter).

In the 00s, Ohotnik took part in the killing of the leader of the Transbaikalian criminal gang, Slava Chitinsky, authoritative businessman nicknamed Svirid and not less credible Deputy Boris Putintsev. In addition, he, along with the leader of Metsenatovskie, Vedera, organized the attack on the businessman Rustamov in Zabaikalsk, but the latter miraculously escaped death.

For the totality of the crimes commited Ohotnik was sentenced to 22 years in a strict regime penal colony and a fine of 725 thousand rubles. In addition, he should pay 5.5 million rubles as compensation for moral damage to six victims.



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