19th MCI department outacted gang of Caucasians

19th MCI department outacted gang of Caucasians
One of detainees

Members of the gang are involved in, at least, two armed assaults on carriers of large sums of money.

In the capital officers of 19th department of the MCI found the trail of a stable criminal group consisting of, inter alia, from the natives of the North Caucasus.

The gang members are involved in at least two armed assaults on large sums of money carriers in June and July this year. Security forces on operational channels have received information that suspects were ready for another attack and surpassed them.

The press service of the MID the CrimeRussia reported that in the course of operational and search activities two member of the group were arrested. One of them - 46-year-old native of neighboring countries, one of his accomplices - a resident of the North Caucasus region. Operatives of the Moscow Criminal Investigation found that men develop a plan of attack on cash collectors near one of the cash desks on Mikluho-Maclay street.

Villains were neutralized. In the course of searches, including one in the car Ford Focus, three combat gun and dozens of rounds of ammunition to them were found. In addition, during the vehicle's search, it was found set of state license plates. The very car was listed as stolen.

At the present time, in relation to defendants, a criminal case under Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Robbery) and Article 222 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Purchase, Transfer, Selling, Storage, Transportation or Carrying of Weapons, its Ammunition) is opened. The total damage, caused by the criminal activity, was more than 10 million rubles. The investigation is ongoing.

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