Belarus brutal gang of extortionists face prison terms

Belarus brutal gang of extortionists face prison terms
Den Bobruisky and Sergey Molnar

In Belarus a landmark litigation on the case of a brutal gang is finishing.⁠

Belarus is finishing the trial of a gang of extortionists, who have been keeping Bobruisk in fear for five years. According to the investigation, the gang consisted of several brigades, two of which were engaged in black real estate. Members of another group dealt with extorting money and beating people.

Authority Sergey Molnar known in Belarus headed the gang. The prosecutor asked for 18 years of imprisonment for him. In addition, the participants of the group included thief in law Denis Maks nicknamed Den Bobruisky, however, his status was not confirmed. According to the demands of the prosecutor, he may face a term of 7 years. In total there are 30 people in the dock, terms from 5.5 to 14 years of imprisonment were asked for them hinging on the role they performed in the gang.

The process takes place in camera on the territory of Mogilev prison. BelaPAN reports that most of the defendants do not admit their guilt and claim that the case is falsified.

According to the defendants, many of the accused were not even acquainted with Molnar. Some of the witnesses did not come to court, and their testimonies were read out by the investigators. Those who came have a criminal record for drugs, or are still in prison (they were escorted to court). The defendants and their relatives repeatedly demanded to hold an open trial.

The investigation believes the defendants conducted their activities in Bobruisk and Minsk, but planned to take control over the whole Belarus. All money received from the criminal activity was transferred to Molnar or his accomplices, who controlled Bobruisk’s common fund. Law enforcers call the gang the largest criminal group in recent years, which dealt with racketeering, robbery, swindling, black real estate, extortion and kidnapping. The siloviki think that it was only by chance that the case did not come to killings. Molnar’s gang was defeated in 2014.

The case papers contain information on 80 crimes. As part of the investigation the property of the accused worth 5 million dollars was distressed.



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