Yacht of Russian billionaire Melnichenko entered firth of Thames 

Yacht of Russian billionaire Melnichenko entered firth of Thames

Today, the british Daily Mail published a photo essay on yachts’ triumphal entrance of Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko at the firth of the Thames on Saturday.

As the newspaper wrote, "since the construction of the Tower Bridge tens thousands of ships have been passed under it, but no one has been able to do it so impressive for 120 years."

120-meter armored yacht of the Russian businessman, who in the West is called the King of fertilizer, is one of the best and most expensive ships in the class - the newspaper called the price of 225 million pounds.


Developing a top speed of 23 knots and a cruising 19.5 knots, the boat is propelled by two diesel engines. It is operated by a touch screen. On the board it can comfortably accommodate 14 guests and 42 crew members. During the years of operation the yacht was spotted near the coast of Honolulu, Malibu, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and Thailand.

The yacht was launched from the slipway of the Hamburg shipyard Blohm + Voss 8 years ago.


The motor boat with a displacement of 6000 tons with an original design of inverted body type is among the 25 largest yachts of the world and is one of the most luxurious.


On the board there are 3 swimming pools (one of them with a glass floor), a huge hall with floor-to-ceiling windows, trimmed with leather and wood, and seven luxury cabins for guests. 105-meter high mast of the Russian oligarch’s yacht is a few meters above the famous Big Ben in London.

The edition noted that the cabin of Melnichenko is much more spacious then most London flats.


On one of the photos Melnichenko’s boat drew level with the British Navy warship Belfast from the Second World War, in comparison with which it is clearly visible its dimensions.

44-year-old billionaire of Belarusian origin made his fortune (10.1 billion dollars, 11 in the Russian Forbes ranking of billionaires to the state and 139th in the world) on investments in the coal industry. He is the founder of MDM-Bank and the beneficiary of EuroChem with a share of 90% of the shares of SUEK (92%) and LLC SGK (92%).

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According to the British press, Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra, the former Serbian model and a pop star, has a secular lifestyle. This yacht is not the only one in the ownership of the Russian billionaire, and not the most expensive and large. Last year, in the German Kiel it was launched made by the famous designer Philippe Starck 8-deck sailing yacht length of 140 meters and worth over 400 million euros.

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