Vekselberg's on trades second-hand Ferrari and hides his name in US

Vekselberg's on trades second-hand Ferrari and hides his name in US

Having a refusal in a childhood to a request for $ 3,000 to buy a racing card, Alexander Vekselberg decided to look for jobs.

The son of Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg has been 4 years engaged in small business in Denver and Philadelphia, trying not to advertise his name.

According to Life, Alexander Vekselberg owned two car dealership in the United States, selling both new and used vehicles. Since childhood loved the speed, the son of the president of Skolkovo Fund and the Head of the Board of Directors of the company Renova in such a way made his dream into reality.

The edition wrote, that the son of an oligarch had to work for this. As a child, Alexander once asked his father $ 3000 dollars on the racing cards, but he refused. At that time, Viktor Vekselberg involved in the repatriation of Russian art, spending a $ 100-150 million.

В магазине Александра Вексельберга

Photo: In the store of Alexander Vekselberg

After graduating from high school in New Jersey, Alexander Vekselberg in 2011 was educated at Yale University. In his university years, according to the edition, he did not bathed in luxury. Alexander stood out for $ 800 a month out of pocket expenses.

Ferrari shop in Philadelphia, which has more than 50 years, Vekselberg bought in 2012, a year after the reconstruction, which cost its former owner about $ 7 million.

His clients, wrote Life, were confused by incognito of the new owner. The name and surname of Vekselberg Jr. were hidden in the promotional materials on the site of Algar Ferrari Philadelphia salon, but then they soon got used to and have established relationships with the new owner.

In 2014, when Viktor Vekselberg received from Rosneft $ 7 billion for a stake in the oil holding company TNK-BP, Alexander Vekselberg expanded the business through the purchase of Stewart's Classics of Denver LLC, which have founded more than 40 years ago by the car enthusiast Bill Stewart. In addition to the store, he bought a hectare of land for $ 5 million, which located the shop.

Previously, Alexander Vekselberg salons also had the right to sell new cars of another luxury brand - Maserati. However, he failed to reach mutually beneficial agreements with the brand, so the Maserati brand in stores Alexander presented only used cars.

Скрин с сайта

Screen from site

As the newspaper wrote, the price range of Vekselberg Jr. salons is very wide. They can buy a car at a price from $30 thousand to $ 3 million. The data on the Denver store is not opened, and the annual revenue of Algar Ferrari, according to the Orbis, is about $ 17.5 million per year. By American standards, this is a small business.

The edition noted that when journalists tried to contact Alexandr through his dealerships, they managed to get only his assistant, and the section of the team on the shop site lost the photograph of the owner.

It should be noted that Viktor Vekselberg’s capital in 2016 is estimated at $ 10.5 billion. Among the richest businessmen of Russia, he ranked seventh.

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