LUKoil president buys part of OneOcean Port Vell for mega yachts in Barcelona centre

LUKoil president buys part of OneOcean Port Vell for mega yachts in Barcelona centre
OneOcean Port Vell

The LUKoil president and the Qatar investment bank QInvest have purchased OneOcean Port Vell, the port that is referred to as "the symbol of Barcelona", Life reported.

The harbor used to belong to the British Salamanca Group. Alekperov purchased a part of the port through an investment fund owned by the entrepreneur's family. QInvest acquired its part through BOH LLC, a subsidiary company.

Salamanca Group believes that now is the right time for new investors who will be developing the popular harbor. Salamanca Group bought the port in 2010 and invested about 100 million euros in it. The value of the latest deal remains unspecified. Life was told that the harbor could cost about $2 billion.

"As a rule, a purchase price is equal to a ten-year profit. But this is a very rough estimate," the source said.

Spanish media suggested that Vagit Alekperov and Leonid Fedun were behind the Salamanca investors, who disguised their investments through a large network of offshore companies in Cyprus, the Cayman Islands and the Virgin Islands.

The harbor admits more than 150 vessels up to 190 meters long. Yacht owners may both rent and buy a parking space. The same unnamed source told the publication that parking a large yacht in the harbor may cost up to 50.000 euros per day. The bigger the yacht, the higher the price. Yachts may remain in the port for 10 to 100 days. He also noted that the harbor is considered a top-range one, so it offers some other services. OneOcean Port Vell has a private club, a restaurant, a tapas bar, a 24-hour fitness room and a wellness center.

This September, Bloomberg estimated Vagit Alekperov's fortune at $11.5 billion. He also owns Heesen Yachts, a Dutch manufacturer of high-speed ocean yachts. Alekperov’s yacht, the 70-meter long Galactica Super Nova, was built there too.

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