2/3 of Russian oligarchs' children prefer studying abroad

2/3 of Russian oligarchs' children prefer studying abroad
Aleksander Lebedev and his son Evgeny who has graduated and lives in London now

At the same time, a half of oligarchs are not going to leave Russia.

About two-thirds of offsprings of the Russian owners of large capitals got into higher educational institutions abroad. Researchers of the Swiss Julius Baer Group and Control center of welfare and philanthropy Skolkovo have come to such conclusion, RNS reports.

In a joint research under the name Wealth Report: Russia it is also said that a quarter of the interviewed Russian millionaires concede temporary moving abroad, however, a half nevertheless is going to live in Russia at least within the next 10 years.

It is noted that 32 businessmen participated in the poll. About a third of them in the next five years is not going to depart from the linear management, 16% - are going to sell it, 17% — want to make business public through carrying out the IPO, 6% — to give it to the family. Other 28% did not plan further actions in their business. At the same time, most of the interviewed businessmen consider a priority not the growth of the capital, but the safety of business.

Besides, researchers found out that average age of oligarchs in Russia is 50-55 years. Most of them are in their first marriage and have three children.

At the same time, it is emphasized in the report that most of the businessmen have earned their wealth by own efforts, but privatization and the state contracts played a significant role in the accumulation of richness of a quarter of the Russian billionaires.

In total among the population of Russia the share of millionaires makes about 0,1% against 1,5% in Germany and 4,5% in Switzerland, it is noted in the research.



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