Telman Ismailov’s nephew released on $151,500-bail in case of abduction of singer Avraam Russo

Telman Ismailov’s nephew released on $151,500-bail in case of abduction of singer Avraam Russo
Zaur Mardanov

Earlier, the court ordered to put Zaur Mardanov in a pre-trial detention center. His lawyers consider his the arrest as pressure on the runaway owner of Cherkizon.

Zaur Mardanov, a nephew of former owner of Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov, will be released on bail. His lawyer Alexei Smirnov told RBC that the amount of the bail is 10 million rubles ($151,500).

“The decree is to be registered in the accounting department, where an invoice for the deposit will be given. When the deposit is paid, the order will be sent to the detention facility and he will be released,” the lawyer said.

Recall, on September 21, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow arrested the former general director of Praga restaurant Mardanov. The Investigation Committee accuses him of organizing an abduction (Part 2 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) of famous singer Avraam Russo in 2004. The lawyers of the businessman draw attention to the "incredibly long term" incriminated to their client. In addition, the lawyers believe that the arrest of Mardanov is an attempt of the investigators to put pressure on his relative, Telman Ismailov who is currently hiding abroad.

On September 18, famous singer Russo made a statement to the police about his abduction in the center of Moscow. On the same day, Mardanov was detained; the police performed searches in his house. According to the investigation, the main owner of the AST concern, Telman Ismailov, developed a plan for the abduction of Russo, whose finances he used to manage. However, their cooperation was terminated due to a conflict. In order to commit the crime, Ismailov attracted his nephew Zaur Mardanov, who agreed to cooperate and invited another 5 persons to accomplish this plan. After the singer was abducted and beaten, Telman Ismailov demanded that he cancel all his concerts, conclude a contract with him and hold all further performances only for him and his guests. Only after he agreed to fulfill all requirements, the singer was released.  

The singer also attached medical certificates as evidence in the court. The investigation believes, he received various bruises and abrasions during the abduction in January 2004.



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