Telman Ismailov's family goes out of liquor business

Telman Ismailov's family goes out of liquor business
Telman Ismailov and sons

There are no representatives of the family of the AST group founder and the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market among the founders of one of the largest distributors of alcohol in Russia – AST-international environment.

The family of businessman Telman Ismailov has withdrawn from the founders of AST-international environment, RBC reports citing the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Until now, three of its representatives – two sons of Telman Ismailov and his nephew – owned a total of 80% of the AST-international environment's assets. Alekper and Sarkhan Ismailov owned 27.5% each, whereas the businessman's nephew Zaur Murdanov had 25%.

Company Director Leonid Rafailov and one of the company's co-founders Simand Simanduev had 10% each. However, according to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, the distributor business belongs to Rafailov and Simanduev on a fifty-fifty basis. Changes in the ownership structure of the LLC date back to June 30, 2017.

Representatives of AST-international environment have yet to comment on changes in the composition of founders.

AST-international environment is currently one of the biggest distributors of alcohol. In 2016, the company's revenue amounted to 11.723 billion rubles ($204.49 million), and a year before – 12 billion rubles ($209.3).

It is worth noting that the liquor distributor, founded in 1992, would remain the only asset of the Ismailov family, which his creditors did not claim. The company founder Telman Ismailov withdrew from its founders in 2013, distributing his 40% between his sons. No claims against the company, which could be connected with claims against Telman Ismailov and his structures, have been found in the arbitration cases database.

Telman Ismailov's financial problems began in 2009, when the Moscow authorities closed the Cherkizovsky market. The loan debt of the entrepreneur began to grow rapidly. Ismailov’s lenders included BM-Bank (former Bank of Moscow), businessman Vitaly Mashchitsky, owner of the Mangazeya group Sergey Yanchukov, Deutsche Bank, and others. In 2014, all of them began to apply to the court to collect their debts, however, at the time of Ismailov's bankruptcy, it turned out that he had almost no direct property. The Praga restaurant, Tropicana Business Center, and AST Trade Center, previously owned by the businessman, gradually moved to the disposal of BM-bank, to which those had been pledged. By the end of 2015, the total amount of claims against Ismailov, once included in the Forbes rating with a fortune of $600 million, exceeded 160 billion rubles ($2.79 billion).

According to a court decision, the sale of Telman Ismailov's assets, estimated at 695 million rubles ($12.1 million) according to the registry of bankruptcy information, began in May 2017. In June, the court arrested Ismailov’s Moscow apartments and the trading center Craig Valley Plaza in Las Vegas.



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