Son of Russian tycoon Sarkisov slips into coma following overdose

Son of Russian tycoon Sarkisov slips into coma following overdose
Sergey Sarkisov Jr.

Paramedics worked their miracle to keep Sergey Sarkisov Jr. alive.

Son of a Russian billionaire and a co-owner of RESO-Garantiya Sergey Sarkisov fell into a coma following overdose of unknown substance at a night-club in Moscow, reports Mash Telegram channel.

The incident took place on April 14. Sarkisov Jr. was having fun at a night-club in Moscow when he got sick. The guy passed out. He was taken to a hospital where he fell into a coma in Intensive Care, but paramedics managed to save his life. According to recent reports, his condition got better.

“In a while, the situation got better. The guy was transferred to an infectious disease ward and then to a medical floor,” the channel reports.

The current condition of Sarkisov Jr. is not being reported. StarHit states he came out of the coma. According to data from open sources, Sarkisov Jr. was born on October 5, 1998. He is a student of the international economic relations department of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs. Besides him, there are 4 other children the billionaire has.

According to Forbes, Sergey Sarkisov and his brother Nikolay are on the list of Russia’s richest men. Their ownership capital was estimated at $1.5 billion last year.

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