Son of Roman Abramovich to become owner of FC CSKA 

Son of Roman Abramovich to become owner of FC CSKA
Arkady and Roman Abramovichs

Representatives of Arkady Abramovich, who is co-owner of the London FC Chelsea, held negotiations with the president of CSKA (PFC Central Sport Club of the Army, Moscow) about a possible purchase of the club.⁠

24-year-old Arkady Abramovich, the son of Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, can buy CSKA Football Club, Sovetsky Sport reports.

The edition writes referring to the resource about the recent meeting of CSKA president Evgeny Giner and representatives of Arkady Abramovich, interested in acquiring the club. The presumptive price of the legendary football club is $300 million, the newspaper notes.

Spokesman for the company Millhouse John Mann commented on the news about the possible purchase of CSKA by the son of a billionaire, who, like his father, is engaged in business.

Mann said that he did not have information on this topic, since he does not represent Arkady's interests, and advised him to seek clarification from the son of the billionaire and president of CSKA Giner.

It is worth noting that the British Bluecastle Enterprises Limited owns a 49% stake in CSKA, 25% from the Russian AVO-Kapital controlled by the same Bluecastle, and 25% from the Defense Ministry.

The ultimate beneficiary of Bluecastle is 36-year-old Vadim Giner, the son of the president of CSKA. However, the actual owner of FC CSKA, according to the media, is his president, Yevgeny Giner, who has a long friendship with Roman Abramovich. In addition, it is known that son of businessman Arkady Abramovich has long been interested in football and is a fan of CSKA.


Yevgeny and Vadim Giners

The second child of Roman Abramovich from the marriage with Irina Malandina is engaged in business since 19 years. The investment company ARA Capital (named after the founder's initials) was established by him when Arkady was still a student at Boston's private Northeastern University.

ARA Capital Company of Arkady Abramovich owns 40% of the oil and gas holding company Zoltav Resources. Zoltav in Russia owns two oil and gas assets - the Koltogorsky license area (reserves exceed 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent) in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District and the onboard section (21.2 billion cubic meters of gas and 3.8 million barrels of oil) in the Saratov region. Koltogorsky area was bought at $26 million by Zoltav in 2013, and Bortovoy a year later - at $180 million.

It is also known that Arkady Abramovich has a significant share in one of his father's assets - Chelsea Village, the manager of the London club Chelsea. It is known that Arkady repeatedly advised his father on strengthening the composition of Chelsea with new players. And in 2010, 17-year-old Abramovich Jr. wanted to buy FC Copenhagen, in connection with which he met with the director of the company-beneficiary, but the Danes decided not to sell the club.

According to the data of 2013, the newspaper Sport-Express writes, the state of Arkady Abramovich was estimated at $2.78 billion.



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