Saudi prince bought Yuri Scheffler’s yacht for € 500 million

Saudi prince bought Yuri Scheffler’s yacht for € 500 million

The New York Times has learned the name of 134-meter Serene luxury yacht’s buyer at Russian businessman, the Head of SPI Group Board of Directors Yuri Scheffler.⁠

The new owner of the yacht, which sold in mid-2015, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud. It became known the price for which he bought a yacht - € 500 million.

As the newspaper noted, representatives of the Arab prince and a Russian businessman settled the business in an hour, when Muhammad ibn Salman Al Saud had seen Scheffler’s yacht during holidays in France and set his sights on its purchase.

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It became known on the sale of the Scheffler’s yacht in April 2016, but information about the buyer and the amount of the transaction were not disclosed.

Serene takes the 14th place in the Super Yachts 2016 world ranking. The yacht’s length is 133.9 meters. Among the Russian oligarchs’ yachts, Forbes said, it comes short of on this indicator only to Eclipse (162,5 m) of Roman Abramovich and the Ocean Victory (140 m) of the MMK Board of Directors’ Chairman Victor Rashnikov.

⁠It is worth noting that the Yuri Scheffler’s yacht was rented by Bill Gates, who held a family vacation in Sardinia, in the summer of 2014.

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