Rybolovlev has no intention to sell Monaco FC

Rybolovlev has no intention to sell Monaco FC
Dmitry Rybolovlev and Prince Albert II

A representative of the Russian billionaire responded to the words of the Prince of Monaco about the possible refusal of Rybolovlev from managing the football club.

Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Rybolovlev has no intention to sell Monaco football club. A representatives of the businessman said this when responding to the words of Prince of Monaco Albert II about the possible refusal of Rybolovlev from managing the club if his fault in corruption and influence trading is proved.

“Dmitry Rybolovlev has no plans to sell the club and intends to continue to support its development, as he has always done since acquiring the club in 2011,” a representative of the billionaire said, noting that Rybolovlev categorically denies all assumptions about his involvement in illegal actions.

To recall, early on, Prince of Monaco Albert II said that if the charges against Rybolovlev were confirmed, then he should refuse from managing the club.

Beyond that, Rybolovlev representative noted that while proceedings are ongoing, “the entrepreneur does not intend in any way to comment on either their progress or his state of affairs in Monaco.”

To recall, Dmitry Rybolovlev owns 66.7% of Monaco FC, in which he holds the presidency. The remaining 33% belong to the Principality of Monaco.

November 6, it was reported that Rybolovlev had been detained upon request from the Court of Monaco; he was charged with corruption and influence trading. Le Monde reported that his Monte Carlo apartment had been searched.

Later, the oligarch was released from custody under the condition of judicial control, prohibition to meet with the persons involved in the case, and obligation to appear for questioning on the summons. The defendants in the case also include former Minister of Justice of Monaco, Philip Narmino; former Government Councilor for Internal Affairs Paul Masserone; Head of the Police Department Christophe Haget, his Deputy Patrick Fusari, and other officials.

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