Russian oligarchs eat into 8 bln dollars

Russian oligarchs eat into 8 bln dollars
Oleg Deripaska

At the top of the list is Oleg Deripaska, whose capital grew at 1.7 billion dollars in January 2017.

Added to the price stock enriched Russian billionaires. The calculation of the value of securities companies, whose shareholders are Russian oligarchs and the proportion of their participation, has revealed an increase of $7.9 billion. These conclusions were reached by Bloomberg, reflecting it in the ranking of millionaires (Bloomberg Billionaires Index - BBI).

President of the company Rusal Oleg Deripaska, since the beginning of the year has increased his revenues by $1.7 billion. Now, his capital is estimated at $7.8 billion.

He is followed by main beneficiary of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK) Viktor Rashnikov. During the first month of 2017 his assets increased by 1.1 billion and amounted to $7.5 billion.

The third place in the ranking helds head of Novolipetsky Metallurgichesky Kombinat (NLMK) Board of Directors Vladimir Lisin, whose wealth increased by 941.5 million dollars. And the total capital is now estimated at 1.41 billion dollars.

Also, the top ten included principal owner of EvroChim Andrey Melnichenko (increase amount 898.5 million dollars), founder of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov (875 million dollars) and head of the Renova group Viktor Vekselberg (697.7 million dollars).

At the same time, the list of 2016 Russian Forbes rating is headed by different people. So, it heads chairman of JSC Novatek board Leonid Michelson. His fortune is estimated at $14.4 billion. The second place holds LetterOne Holdings Board of Directors and Supervisory Board Chairman of Alfa-Group Chairman Mikhail Fridman with $13.3 billion. Aforementioned Alisher Usmanov took third place - his income is $12.5 billion. The seventh place is taken Viktor Vekselberg with 10.5 billion. It is followed by Vladimir Lisin. However, Forbes estimated his fortune below BBI - 9.3 billion. The 11th place is taken by Andrey Melnichenko with a total revenue of $8.2 billion. Oleg Deripaska takes 41 position in the Forbes list.



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