Russian oligarch Bukhtoyarov bought €14m-worth villa confiscated from Italian criminal banker  

Russian oligarch Bukhtoyarov bought €14m-worth villa confiscated from Italian criminal banker
Valentin Bukhtoyarov

The first thing he decided to change became a panoramic elevator for 200 thousand euros.⁠

Former co-owner of the Sibuglemet holding Valentin Bukhtoyarov bought out the villa of provocative Italian banker Gianpiero Fiorani. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, Villa Stella Maris is located in Roquebrune-Cap Martin in the French Riviera.

It is a three-storey building with a total area of ​​about 750 square meters with an adjacent park at 6300 square meters. According to the newspaper, the new owner has already started repairs there. In particular, he ordered to make there a panoramic elevator for 200 thousand euros.

The villa was put up for sale after it was confiscated from former head of the Italian Banca Popolare di Lodi (People's Bank of Lodi - now the People's Italian Bank) Gianpiero Fiorani. The ex-banker himself was accused of financial fraud and criminal conspiracy in 2005. With several members of the senior management of the credit institution, he appropriated a portion of the bank's profit by shifting the costs to depositors, who found inexplicable commission expenses and deductions.

Вилла Stella Maris

Stella Maris Villa

The bank controlled a group of banks in the top ten banking groups of the country with more than 2.5 million customers and assets of 44.5 billion euros.

This scheme worked for a long time, as bankers enlisted the support of some Italian politicians, whom transferred a significant part of the money. Also, money was transferred to foreign accounts of Fiorani and other accused, first to Luxembourg and Switzerland, and then to offshore.

The discovery of frauds in the large bank resulted in a scandal, nicknamed Bancopoli in the local press, which led to the redistribution of spheres of influence in the Italian financial market.

Fiorani himself received a prison term, and his property, including Villa Stella Maris, was confiscated.

62-year-old businessman Valentin Bukhtoyarov is one of the founders of the Sibuglemet coal-mining holding. The main business of the company, which enterprises are mainly located in the Kemerovo region, is the production of metallurgical coal.

As Kommersant reported, in 2014 Bukhtoyarov and other co-owners of Sibuglemet sold their shares to a group of investors close to Senator from Ingushetia Ahmet Palankoev.

Last year Forbes included Bukhtoyarov in its rating of the country's richest people with a fortune of 450 million dollars (in 2011 it was estimated at 1.8 billion dollars).

Forbes also noted that in addition to the coal business Bukhtoyarov is still interested in racing - in particular, in 2015 he sponsored the Russian stage of racing on electric vehicles Formula E, which was held in Moscow on a route laid outside the Kremlin walls.



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