Russian billionaire loses bet of million dollars

Russian billionaire loses bet of million dollars
Sergey Gordeev

Due to boasting, the head of the PIK group of companies, acquired a large debt.

Twelve years ago, the head of the PIK group of companies, Sergey Gordeev, lost a bet of $ 1 million to the corporate development director of the Guggenheim Foundation in Europe and the Middle East, Nicholas Ilyin, Forbes writes. The Russian billionaire allegedly bet that he was the richest person at the reception of the Venice Foundation and was wrong. 

“We checked the information provided by Nicholas Ilyin, the organizer of the largest exhibitions of Russian art abroad, and found two witnesses who witness the bet. At the same time, one of the interlocutors ‘broke the bet’,” Dmitry Ozman, the representative of Forbes Russia, told RBC

He noted that Ilyin described the bet in his book which was published in New York in October. The PIK group of companies deny the veracity of story. 

According to Ilyin’s story, who is now an adviser to the director of the Hermitage, at a reception in Venice, he stood with Gordeev on the roof of the Peggy Guggenheim Palace, where the bet took place. The trick was that Ilyin saw a wealthier sheikh from Abu Dhabi behind the Russian billionaire’s back. A week later, the lost amount was wired to the Guggenheim Foundation’s account, Ilyin says. 

The PIK acknowledged only the facts of Gordeev’s financial assistance to the fund in 2005-2008 which allegedly were not related to the bet.

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